Top Features of a Churn Management System

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There are several ways to reduce churn in your SaaS company. The best way is to deliver a fantastic product or service that people love and retain through excellent customer support.

However, it’s also good to have a Churn Management System in place that actively works to prevent existing users from canceling their subscriptions. If you’re building such a system, here are the top features to include:

A Gateway that Stops People from Canceling

The first feature you need is a gateway that will stop people from canceling before they do it.

If you have the billing system in place, this is often as easy as setting someone’s subscription status to ‘on hold’. You can then allow them to reactivate their subscription when they are ready.

A Timeline of Activities

You’ll also want a timeline that shows you exactly what’s happening with each customer’s account. It could include the date of the last interaction, as well as any statuses that have been set on their accounts or subscriptions.

You could also include a graph to spot any trends in your customer activity.

An Activity Feed

An activity feed will show you what happened to each of your customers on a specific date, and it will let you know if their accounts had been accessed or if certain statuses were applied.

You’ll then be able to see who accessed their accounts and what they might have done.

Real-Time Access to Customer Data

You’ll also want real-time access to all of your customer data so that you can contact them with a personalized offer as soon as they’re about to cancel. It will give you a chance to change their mind before they are lost forever.

Support for Different Communication Channels

According to Forbes, smaller businesses can make use of the power of effective customer service, customer interaction, and real-time engagement to set themselves apart from the more well-known brands.

You should also use a system that lets you communicate with customers via different communication channels.

It means offering traditional email support and chat and phone support so that you can get in touch with your customers quickly and easily.

Customer Support Integration

Finally, you will need to integrate your Churn Management System with your customer support system so that both systems can track each communication between your support staff and your customers.

It will ensure that all of the information is available in both locations so that it’s easy to access whenever it’s needed.

Customer management is one of the most important responsibilities that a SaaS company has, and it’s worth spending time finding the right system for your company.

A ‘Call Us’ Feature

Many people might be happy to hang on for a little longer if you give them the option of being called by your support team.

You could do this by adding a link that opens up a new window and shows your customer’s information, including their phone number. You can then leave it up to your customer whether they call you or not.

A Way to Make People Feel Important

You could also make your customers feel important and valued by offering them a way to skip the queue and speak with a support agent right away.

The customers would have to click on a link that is shown only to those who are about to cancel, and they would be immediately connected to a support agent.

A Customized Autoresponder

If you have the resources available to make personal replies, you could use an autoresponder customized for each situation.

It will allow your company to appear more human, which can help to cut through any negative sentiment that might be present.

Easy Refunds for Customers

If you’ve given your customers access to all of the different statuses of their accounts, then it should be easy for them to request a refund.

All customers will have to change one setting and then send you an email about their decision. They could also use this feature to realize that they need a more extended trial period to get the most out of your product.

A Customer-Friendly Message System

If you want, you could do away with email altogether and use a system that allows for direct messages between customers and support agents.

It can be implemented in an automated but more personal way than email so that your team can have a frank discussion about any issues.


With the right Churn Management System, you’ll be able to keep up with your customers all of the time and retain even more of them for longer. It will help to support your bottom line, and it can also strengthen the relationship you have with your customers.


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