Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

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It has been two decades since cloud computing has become a thing, yet many industries remain to operate without it. More specifically, the International Data Group research states that 69% of businesses are utilizing cloud technology in one or several operations. Meanwhile, 18% are planning to use it at some point.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

With the competitive advantages, cost-benefits, and business efficiencies that it brings, it’s no surprise that cloud technology such as cloud testing services could gain more traction in the future.

If you are still deciding whether to implement one in your business or not, here are five reasons why cloud technology could be the future of the workplace.

Saving Time and Money in the Long Run

Did you know that 20% of organizations are concerned about the initial cost of establishing a cloud-based server?

If you’re one of them, no need to worry – instead of weighing the initial cost alone, you may also want to consider its return on investment (ROI).

Easy access to your business’ data will save you time and money in the long run.

If you’re worried that cloud computing will oblige you to pay for features, you neither need nor want, note that it implements a pay-as-you-go policy – assuring that you’re only paying for the exact features you asked for.

Instead of purchasing expensive storage equipment for your business, opting for cloud computing will also reduce your expenses for operating and maintaining your IT systems. Furthermore, high-speed AI storage options within cloud computing can enhance your data processing capabilities and streamline your operations, all while maintaining cost efficiency.

Ensuring Data Security

No matter how cloud computing promotes the high-level security of its products, it’s natural that the absence of an on-site security system can cause skepticism among potential consumers. You can check this out, managed IT services in California.

However, a survey by RapidScale says that 94% of businesses have noticed improvements in security upon switching to cloud computing, whereas 91% mentioned that complying with government requirements has been more accessible upon subscription – supporting the effectiveness of its security systems.

Behind the high level of security guaranteed by cloud computing is the encryption of data transmitted between different networks and eventually stored in databases.

With encryption, unauthorized personnel and hackers will have difficulty accessing your data. Most cloud-based services also allow users to set their security settings based on their needs and preferences.

Easy Access on Multiple Platforms

Considering that over 2.6 billion smartphones are used around the world, it’s just timely for businesses to adopt an on-the-go approach when it comes to data access – and this can be made possible through cloud computing.

Since it allows mobile access to data via smartphones and other devices, personnel with busy schedules, on vacation, or working remotely can be kept in the loop with business updates.

This eliminates the need to travel to and from the office just to check or confirm a document.

A More Collaborative Workplace

Especially for businesses with two or more people, encouraging collaboration should be among your highest priorities.

With cloud computing, the simple feature of all authorized personnel having access to company data allows them to quickly and securely view and share information.

Other cloud computing services even offer collaborative social spaces that work as virtual lounges where employees can freely interact and socialize with the rest of the company.

Quick Response on Disaster Recovery

No matter how much you anticipate, unexpected scenarios will always catch you off-guard.

Especially in today’s competitive market, where even the smallest amounts of unproductive downtime can result in reduced brand reputation, productivity, and revenue, it pays to have a well-crafted plan for a speedy recovery.

Cloud computing can offer quick data recovery in unexpected cases such as natural disasters, hardware errors, and/or power outages.

For instance, 22% of cloud users claimed that it only took them four hours or less to retrieve their files, while only 8% of non-cloud users claimed the same.

This huge gap in statistics has been further supported by a recent survey that says 42% of CEOs plan to invest or enhance their cloud-based disaster recovery systems.

The Bottom Line

There is an endless chain of benefits that surround businesses investing in cloud computing services.

With technology becoming the center of business operations around the world, investing in cloud computing services can be your starting point in establishing your business as a globally competitive one.


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