How to Compress and Unzip ZIP files in iOS for FREE

How to Compress and Unzip ZIP files in iOS for FREE

Open Zip Files on your iPhone

Do you know how to compress and unzip ZIP files on your iOS device easily and for free?

Then you are at the right place to know about this topic.

In our daily lives, we can find compressed files on our iPhone or iPad. For example, I have recently downloaded the Game of Throne season 7 and it is zipped one. When I am trying to unzip that file on my iPhone, I found this solution.

Managing them is not complicated if you have the right tools.

You may think that Achieves, Apple’s new iOS 11 apps can manage ZIPs, after all, is a file manager, isn’t it?

In fact, there is no option on the part of Apple to natively decompress or compress ZIP files.

The only thing we found is Mail, that when we receive a ZIP attachment we can see a preview of what it contains inside.

Compress and Unzip ZIP files in iOS easily and Free

Readdle’s Documents is the solution to all your problems. Documents are the Readdle application that allows us to manage our files long before Apple Files appeared. It’s the iOS Finder for many professionals, and it’s partly due to tools like unzipping or compressing files.

Compress files with Documents and create a ZIP is ridiculously easy. Just select all the files you want to compress and from the side choose the ZIP option. Immediately you can create a ZIP file with the content. From there you can do whatever you want with it: send it by email, open it in another application, share it by AirDrop, etc.

To unzip a ZIP file with Documents is even easier. Simply double-click on the ZIP file and you can unzip the same folder in the ZIP file.

Documents is a Readdle application, and like the rest of your apps, the experience it offers is incredible. It is the ideal app for those looking to better manage their work from the iPad or the iPhone, as it allows you to have a control center of your entire office in the same app. You can download it for free from the App Store.

Documents App Features

  • Document Apps offers wonderful features to its users. Let us see few of them. It is a powerful file manager and fast document viewer. You can view the files instantly and easily.


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  • You can also read documents and Annotate PDFs with this app. Awesome isn’t it?


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  • Another wonderful feature is that we can view images, play music and videos from the file itself.


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  • We can Sync with Dropbox, Box and iCloud. We can even email to our Emails for easy usage.


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  • We can download the files directly from the Web itself.

This is all about how we can compress, ZIP and unzip files in our iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. I hope this article will solve all your problems with zipped and compressed files. If you are still facing any issues with this app, let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
If you are already using this app, share your experiences with it to our readers for better understanding.
Would you like to add any other app to this list? Then write them in the comment section. We will review it and add to this article in the next update.
Which app do you use to Compress, ZIP, and unzip files on iOS devices?


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