How to Configure iOS 11 Emergency Button on Your iPhone

How to Configure iOS 11 Emergency Button on Your iPhone

iPhone Emergency SOS

One of the best features of iOS 11, the new operating system of the Apple operating system is the Emergency button.

This is a feature that you will probably use very rarely, but you should configure it for safety purposes.

The emergency button on iOS 11, Emergency SOS, will only be used in the situations like when you are in an emergency and need help or when your new iPhone is stolen and you want to disable the Touch ID so that they do not access your data. If they want to steal you or if they want to force you to unlock the phone they will not be able to do it against your will because you can disable Touch ID.

To configure the iOS 11 emergency button you need to go to the phone settings menu. 

In the configuration of your iPhone, you will find a section that says “Emergency SOS”. Within the button, you can choose from different options depending on what you think will be the most useful.

Set up the iOS 11 Emergency SOS button on iPhone

Emergency SOS button is really useful to everyone. See how it helps and how do we set up it on our iPhone.

In case of an accident

If you want the emergency button on your iOS 11 to automatically call a local or national emergency number, simply turn on the “auto-call” switch in the menu. This will cause the emergency number you have selected to be called directly when you press.




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Within the iOS 11 emergency menu, you can also configure emergency contacts that are especially useful for you in emergency situations. Hospitals or the police can use this information if you are involved in an accident and want to contact someone close to you. From this menu, you can add your emergency contacts so that they can be called at any time.

In addition, when you activate the iOS 11 emergency button the phone will automatically send a message to emergency contacts. The message will tell you where you are at the time (the exact location) and inform them that you have contacted the emergency services. This will be a great help if you live alone and sick or if you go home at night and think you are in danger, for example.

If you are afraid to configure the emergency button of iOS 11 accidentally and to alarm your relatives with that message you can activate a countdown sound that will notify you that you have activated it and you will have three seconds to deactivate it. During these three seconds of sound, you can cancel the alert before calling the emergency services. This sound can also be turned off or turned on directly from the iPhone settings and settings section.

In case of attack or theft

Good because they want to take your phone off or because someone wants to force you to unlock it without your permission. In these cases, when you activate the iOS emergency button, Touch ID is automatically deactivated and you will have to enter an access code to unlock the phone.

The Touch ID will be disabled even if you cancel the distress message before emergency services are called. In addition, you can not tell if Touch ID has been intentionally disabled or if you have done so wanting so the person trying to force you to unlock it will not know if it is a mistake or want to prevent its access.

This is how the Emergency SOS button on your iPhone will be helpful. I hope this article will help you to activate the emergency button on your iOS devices. If you still have any queries let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.
Would you like to add any other important points to this story? Then write them in the comment section below. What do you think about these Emergency SOS features?


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