How to Control a PC Through Your Android Smartphone

How to Control a PC Through Your Android Smartphone

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In the current era of highly advanced technology, we all wish to get things done instantly without placing much pressure and effort.

Tips on How You Can Control a PC Through Your Android Smartphone: 2021

We have been living in a world where we can acquire anything anytime with much ease as we are in the most comfort zone. No one prefers to do risky tasks if there is a simple approach available to complete that particular work. Likewise, we obviously prefer using a remote control for most of the tech related devices such as MP3 Player, DVD, Television, AC and many other devices. These days, most of the devices are coming by default with the remote control feature.
Control PC with your Android Device
People often choose to use a remote rather than manual work is just because it makes us lead the life in a much comfortable manner. Assume that you own a crazy multifunction remote with a black-and-white touchscreen and was deemed to let you control every entertainment appliance in your residence from the comfort of your couch. Your PC is now the most dominant entertainment device in your home, so it’s time to discard your outmoded remote control in support of your smartphone.

Control PC With Your Android Phone

If you have open platforms on both sides like your Android phone and your PC, preferably than some Panasonic remote and some DVD/HDTV combo stuff which becomes quite simple as pie to gear up a super-powerful remote-control solution. A smartphone super-remote isn’t only for people who have home theater PCs, either. With a little networking proficiency, you can make use of your Android phone to wake up a lethargic PC when you’re apart from home so you can begin a torrent, stream media to your phone, or simply poke around your PC though you’re out and about.
No matter if you need a media remote, a remote desktop client, or a source to stream media from your PC to your mobile device, here is a simple guide that illustrates you how to get set up with a secure, reliable connection on the desktop side and connect with the best apps on the Android side. You can easily control your PC just by using your Android smartphone. There are pretty many ways to control your PC with your Android device but, we are here to provide you the best and absolutely working methods to use your mobile device as a remote control to your PC.

How to Control PC with Your Android Phone?

Here are two working methods that help you in the best way to control a PC with your Android smartphone. Check out the two simple methods which I have presented in a detailed step-by-step procedure:

Method 1: Unified Remote

Unified Remote is an Android app that lets you control your PC using your Android device. Setting Up Unified Remote is simple and slick and it requires no-brainer to do so. This Android app is available for both the version of free trial and a paid version. The free trial version comes with limited functions while the paid one gives you access to the most advanced features. You need to have a Wi-Fi network so as to connect your PC to your Android device. This enables you the control most of the functions of your PC using your Android smartphone.
Step 1: Initially, download and install the Unified Remote app on your Android device.
Step 2: Once you install the app on your phone, open the app. It then asks you to log in via a Google+ account. Otherwise, you can simply Login your Google account or just hit the Skip button.
Step 3: Similarly, download and install Unified Remote from the Play Store on your PC. Once it gets installed, click on the taskbar icon and double click on the Unified Remote icon.
Install Unified Remote app on mobile
Step 4: It then opens a new web page in your Default browser displaying the details regarding your connection.
Control PC with your Android Smartphone
Step 5: Open the Unified Remote app from your device and simply click on ‘I’ve Installed this server’. It then displays that your device is Connected to PC.
Install Unified Remote app on pc
Step 6: It then pop ups a display screen with various options wherein you need to hit on the Basic Input option so that you will be able to control your PC from your Android Device with much ease.
Bsaic input option

Method 2: Chrome Extension

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers for PC which can also be used to control your PC via your Android device. All you need to do is just download a Chrome extension and install it on your PC. This is the alternative method for controlling your PC through your Android smartphone. Check out the simple steps to access your computer using your Android phone:
Step 1: Initially, download and install the Google Chrome extension on your PC.
Install Google Chrome Extension on your PC
Step 2: Once you install the extension on your PC, download the Chrome Extension app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
These are the two simple methods that help you control or access your PC using your Android device. Hope this tutorial guides you in the best way to control your PC via your Android smartphone.