Ways to Cure Fungal Infection on Skin Naturally

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You might have found a fungal infection on your skin and you want to cure the problem. Yes, there are a lot of antifungal lotions, creams, and other things on the market, but you may be very reluctant to use those. You would prefer to fix the problem with things that you can find on the Earth, not things that are made in research laboratories.

While you could use something like antifungal essential oils, there are also other ways that you can cure a fungal infection on your skin naturally.

Yogurt and Probiotics

This is not something that you would apply directly to your skin. Rather, when you eat it, it will have bacteria in it that will fight these fungal infections and keep them away. You could also take probiotic supplements that will do the same thing – it will be even more effective since it will not be diluted in any food. Find fermented foods – they also have a lot of probiotics in them.

Apple Cider Vinegar

While it has a lot of different uses – people take it in gummy form to do things like shed pounds – you can use it to get rid of your fungal skin infection. Pour two tablespoons of it into warm water and then drink it. Another possibility is to get a cotton ball and put it in that mix and then dab it over the problem area. If you do this, do it three times a day.

Soap and Water

Overall, cleanliness can help you keep fungal skin infections at bay. If you do have one, you can wash it with soap and water. Mostly, you do that to keep it clean before you put any other remedy on it. Be sure to pat the area dry. Also, you can do this to keep it from getting too bad.

Tree Tea Oil

This should be used in conjunction with some other oil. You can take advantage of its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. Just get another oil, like olive oil or coconut oil, and then you get a cotton ball and dab it on where you have the infection around three to four times a day. A lot of people use this particular home remedy to rid themselves of fungal infections.


Here is another one where you can either ingest it in turmeric tea for certain health benefits or you can put it on your body after you mix it with water, preferably warm. It is easy to find in stores or online. You can even take it in pill form.

Aloe Vera

When it comes to beauty regimens, people swear by this. It can keep your skin feeling soft and supple even in harsh winter months. There are a lot of moisturizers that have this in them. You can use this as a way to take care of the infection too. This is one of nature’s true wonders and you should take full advantage of it.


If you eat garlic on a regular basis, you can decrease your chances of getting any fungal infection – it is that strong of an antimicrobial and antifungal. You can even crush it and mix it with olive oil and create a paste that you then put on the area where you have the infection. Just be prepared for any garlic smell.

Oregano Oil

While you can mix this with other oils and then apply it to where you have the fungus, you could also just get oregano oil capsules and take them once a day. Both ways offer an excellent natural way to combat fungal infections.

Vitamin C

Yes, this vitamin is far more than something that can help you fight colds. It’s an overall booster to your immune system, which is very important in fighting fungal infections. You can find foods that have a lot of it – like oranges or you could even take vitamin supplements. Your body will feel a lot healthier when you take this.

Baking Soda

Do you have athlete’s foot? Instead of getting that cream from the pharmacy, you can just put baking soda powder on your feet and shoes. It will then keep the infection from spreading and also keep your feet from getting too moist, especially if you are walking around on a very hot day.

Other items you can use include ginger, hydrogen peroxide, and honey. Each of them has natural properties. Find the one that works the best for you and then use that. Overall, this can also save you money.

There are other things that you can do, including making sure that you wear clean clothes each day and making sure that those clothes are not too tight-fitting, since having air flow can help keep you dry when you are out and about. Don’t scratch where you have the fungal infection, that can make it worse. Try to keep the area clean by washing it several times a day and then drying it thoroughly to keep any moisture out.

Fungal skin infections can be very aggravating. If you do the above, you can make your life much easier.