How to Customise Your Gmail to Boost Your Productivity

How to Customise Your Gmail to Boost Your Productivity

Gmail serves much more than simply sending and receiving emails, it is also a key tool to maximize your productivity. Today we bring you some tricks to customize your Gmail account and be much more productive.


Gmail is one of the most used communication tools in the world; Currently, Google’s email service has more than one billion active users per month.

With the rise of remote work, electronic mail has become even more essential; hundreds of freelance workers communicate by email with their clients or colleagues. But Gmail not only serves to send and receive emails with your co-workers, it is also a powerful productivity tool.

We can customize our Gmail account to get the most out of it and increase our performance on a day-to-day basis.

Gmail Customisation Tricks to increase your Productivity

Here are 8 tricks to customize Gmail and improve your productivity.

Change your signature

Your Gmail signature should be as complete as possible: you are interested in including your full name, your position, a link to your website, your LinkedIn profile and your Twitter account. In this way, within a simple signature, you can include your skills and expand your network of contacts.




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Merge your task list with your email address

If you have to keep an eye on your inbox all day, why not use Gmail to remind your tasks and goals as well? You can have everything in one place with the Sort extension. In the same way, you will receive a notification informing you that you have a new mail, you will receive a reminder of what you have to do in the day.

Create a secondary account

It is useful to have two Gmail accounts: the real one where you will receive all your important emails, and a fake one that you will use to subscribe to services. This way you will not mix everything in the same input tray and you can focus on what is really important in a clearer way.

Create alerts in Google

If you want to be aware of what is happening in the world you can use Google alerts. Fix some keywords and Gmail will send you an instant, daily and weekly with all the articles on the subject.

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Use Gmail as a flight comparator

Instead of wasting time searching for flights for your next vacation, set up your mail so that automatic notifications arrive when prices drop. You can do it comfortably and easily with Google Flights.

Use the automatic answer

If you want to be productive you also have to rest. To do this, every time you go on vacation activates the automatic response; in this way, you can disconnect completely without being aware of the dozens of emails that arrive in your inbox every day.

Use the drafts

If there is an email that you tend to send often prepare a draft so you simply have to modify it slightly to customize it in each case.

Prepare generic answers

Do not waste your time preparing elaborate responses to emails that really do not interest you. Instead prepare a series of generic answers for those frequent cases in which they contact you offering something you do not need.

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These are the best Gmail tricks which make our tasks a lot easier than before. I hope these tricks will help you to increase your work productivity. If you know any other important Gmail tricks share them with our readers in the comment box below.



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