Delete Account on Amazon Google Apple/iTunes Microsoft Netflix Tumblr

Delete Account on Amazon Google Apple/iTunes Microsoft Netflix Tumblr

Yesterday we have discussed on how to delete an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo & Skype Permanently from an online database. Today we will discuss on how to delete an account on Amazon, Google, Apple/iTunes, Microsoft, Netflix and Tumblr. By following these steps you will be able to delete any account completely.


Guide to Delete an Account on Amazon, Google, Apple/iTunes, Microsoft, Netflix, Tumblr Permanently

Here we will see how to delete our account on these portals completely.

Guide to delete an account on Amazon permanently


To delete an Amazon account completely we have to go to  Amazon Help & Customer Service and click on the link ‘Contact us’ on the right. We must write a brief note for Amazon telling them why we want to leave the service and send it. Those responsible for the company of Jeff Bezos will take care of it, deactivating our access to the online store, its video service and its cloud storage functionality, among other features.

Steps to delete a Google account completely


Despite the enormous heterogeneity of products and services offered, the truth is that the process to delete our accounts associated with Google is quite simple since all our identity in Google is managed centrally. For this, we must visit this link. In case we regret, we will have a short grace period to reset the account from the  Google password assistance page, but the window is not long.




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Mini guide to delete Apple/iTunes account completely


Apple links everything we do, devices purchased on, entertainment purchased on iTunes or downloaded applications, to an Apple ID. Getting rid of an Apple ID is almost impossible, with only a few recorded cases in which – after many contacts with customer service – it has been possible to close the profile of deceased or similar extreme cases.

What is left for Apple users to protect their identity? We can only make sure that credit cards or “trusted devices” are not associated with the account by visiting the Apple ID login page. We can also “remove” the Apple ID from our Mac or iOS device (instructions here) If we no longer wish to use it, but our Apple ID will always exist on the Cupertino servers.

Permanently delete Microsoft account online


Accounts associated with Microsoft have already gone through many names (Windows Live ID, MSN login, .NET passport, etc.), In any case, currently, the Microsoft user account gives us access to a wide variety of services, from to Skype, through Xbox Live or subscriptions to Office 365. To delete our Microsoft accounts, there is a centralized login page to access the account. This is where we can configure the account alias, change the security information and, best of all, click on the “Close account” link at the bottom. Microsoft promises that it will “erase all associated data” if it does.

Follow the steps to delete Netflix account completely


Netflix is the paradigm of real-time, whether to watch movies and series anywhere or to eliminate our account. Or that is the theory since it is impossible to erase the information that Netflix has accumulated from us (including ratings or reviews) since the platform uses that data for its recommendations and decisions to launch new content. Therefore, what we can actually do is deactivate our Netflix profile, stop paying for the service and losing access to the platform. We just have to visit the Netflix website, access “Account” and click on “Cancel plan”.

Delete Tumblr account completely


Yahoo bought Tumblr, but the blog site works independently in many aspects, including the management of personal profiles. To delete our Tumblr account we must go to the  Account Manager or directly access the elimination function of the entire profile.

This is how we will be able to delete our Amazon, Google, Apple/iTunes, Microsoft, Netflix and Tumblr accounts completely online. Also, you will be able to delete your own data from their databases. If you have any queries let us know in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

If you are searching for any other accounts to delete them completely from the online database write them to us in the comments box and we will publish an article for you on that topic.



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