How To Download Videos And Movies From Hotstar (Web And App)

How To Download Videos And Movies From Hotstar (Web And App)

Download Videos And Movies From Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the best places for online streaming of your favorite TV Shows, and Movies online.

Star India has launched Hotstar for Streaming of Cricket and sports videos and extended its support for more to TV Shows and Daily Serials Streaming. Since then, Hotstar started to grow like crazy and now we can see a lot of people use Hotstar to watch their favourite videos and sports Live Streaming.

Earlier, Hotstar didn’t allow its users to download videos and content. So, only people with internet connection used to watch videos in Hotstar. But, now, Hotstar is allowing its users to download videos (Not ALL). Don’t worry, as you are at the right place for the solution. It will explain you the best ways to download Videos & Movies from Hotstar Step-by-step.
There are two ways to download a video from Hotstar, either from the Website or from the App. So, now, in this tutorial, we are going to explain the process of downloading the videos or movies from the Hotstar Web and App.

How To Download Videos And Movies From Hotstar (Web And App)

Before downloading videos from Hotstar App using this method, just keep in mind that this way only lets you download the videos and movies which are allowed to download by Hotstar hence you will not be able to download those videos of which Hotstar has not provided links to download. Now follow the below steps to download movies or videos from Hotstar.First, download the latest version of Hotstar app on your mobile.
1. First, download the latest version of Hotstar app on your mobile.
Download Hotstar App
2. Now, launch the app and search for your video or movie that you wish to download.
Select The Video To Download
3. Now, open the video and check if there is a download link available or not. If the download option is available for that particular video, then simply click the download icon and select the quality of the video and your video will start downloading immediately.
Click On Download button
When you download a video from Hotstar App, it won’t be saved in your phone’s gallery. It works like YouTube Offline, and you can only watch the downloaded video from Hotstar app itself.

Steps To Download Videos & Movies From Hotstar Web (Using Command Prompt):

This method enables you to download Hotstar videos and movies on Windows 7 Windows8, 8.1, 10. The method works quite well. For this, you need a command prompt and Hotstar video downloader software. Here we go.

1. Download the Hotstar Video Downloader Software here.
2. After downloading the software, you will get the .rar file. So, extract the files from it and open the Hotsstarlivesteamer from the extracted folder.
cmd prompt
3. Now, the command prompt pops up for you.
4. Here, you have to paste the link (URL) of the selected video you want to download. Click Enter.
Hotstar Video Download cmd prompt
5. Then, just write the quality in which you want to download the video.
6. Now, type D and click enter to start the download.
7. After successfully downloading the video, you can find the video in the downloaded video section of the folder you extracted earlier.
Hotstar Video Download Folder
This is an amazing method and allows you to download unlimited videos and movies from Hotstar. If you guys know any other method or for any queries, please let us know in the comments section below.
Which method do you use to download videos and movies from Hotstar? Either web or app?




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