No Internet? No Problem: Download a Website to Read Offline

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Many times, you don’t want just an article from a website but the entire website. This entire website is useful when there is no internet connectivity or else when the server is down. It’s important for research students, teachers in remote areas to have access to particular contents from a website.
Follow the below steps to download the entire website and read offline just like YouTube offline videos.
Download Entire Website

For those people, there are few ways to view the entire website offline. This tutorial can serve this purpose very well. The options are straightforward enough that you can begin downloading an entire website in just a few minutes.

Steps to Download A Complete Website To Read OFFLINE

1. Viewing An Offline Webpage:

For this, you need your favourite Internet browser that you will need to download the files. If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, go to the website you want to download for offline viewing and right click on any blank space on the web. In the drop-down, choose ‘Save as’ and set the type as Web Page (Complete).
Here, a new folder and an HTML file with the same name will be created. Whenever you want to see the website offline, click on the HTML file and you will be able to see its content, but you will not be able to access the links that included in the web page.

2. Viewing An Offline Web Page On Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge is a browser included in Windows 10. The process of saving a web page is slightly different from the above section but is equally simple. To see your pages offline in Edge, go to the website and click the Reading View icon present to the right of the URL. Now create a link from which you can access this page.
To do this, click on the Favorites icon and instead of adding it to Favourites, include it in the Reading List. Whenever you want to see this page offline, you have to open the browser and access from its icon to the HUB where the Favourites panel is displayed and click on Reading List.

3. Download A Complete Website To See It Offline:

The duration of downloading varies depending on the website. For example, Wikipedia could take days to finish and it takes a lot of your Hard Drive Space. There are few ways to overcome this problem. The programs below can serve this purpose very well.


This open source program can be a little difficult to use at first, mostly who are not a Windows user. Only the Windows version comes with a dedicated GUI while Linux users will need to use a browser-based version of HTTrack instead. Whereas Mac users can install the software using MacPorts, but many check out Sitesucker, a free Mac app that functions similarly which has its own GUI.
Set Options
HTTrack’s interface isn’t quite modern, but it functions very well for its intended purpose. It is very easy to use and will follow you through settings. Here, it shows where the website should be saved and other specifications like what files should be avoided while downloading.
Download website HTTrack
You can exclude whole links from the site if you have no reason to extract those portions. You can also specify how many concurrent connections should be opened for downloading the pages. All these options are available on the “Set Options” button.
html file
If any file is taking so long to download, then you have the option to skip or cancel the process midway. When the files have been downloaded, you can open the website at its root using a file similar to this one here, which is “index.html.”


It is a combination of HTTrack and Getleft. Here, you have to enter the address of the website to download in the “Address” tab. Then, you’ll be asked for the essentials like the name of the site and where it should be saved.
Enter Details PageNest
Download website PageNest
In the ‘Range’ tab, select few options whether to download pages that are not in the selected domain, among other settings and then start the download. Now, you can open the download and view it offline.


This program has a modern feel to its interface. To launch, press ‘Ctrl + U’ to get quickly started by entering URL and save directory. Before the download begins, you will be asked which files should be downloaded. After downloading, every page will be extracted which means every file from those particular pages will be downloaded.
Choose files in Getleft
All files will be pulled to the local system like so:
Download website Getleft
Now, you can browse the website offline by opening the main index file.

Wikipedia Dumps:

Wikipedia doesn’t suggest users to use above programs to download from their site, instead, they have ‘Dumps’. We can download from here.
Wikipedia Dumps Download these bundles of data in XML format, extracting them with 7-Zip.
Wiki Dumps
Among the above-listed programs, you’ll be able to download any website you want.
This is all about getting the entire website to read offline without the Internet. If you face any issues while following any of the above methods, let us know in the below comments. We will surely help you asap.
Do you know any other methods to download the entire website offline? If so share with our users.