[New] Telegram Lets You Edit Sent Messages

[New] Telegram Lets You Edit Sent Messages

Edit Telegram Sent Messages

Telegram New amazing updates: Telegram is one of the fast-growing messaging apps as a direct competitor to WhatsApp. It has a plenty of amazing features that are not yet available in the rival app. Telegram rolled out the latest update and it is pretty good. Do you ever think to edit the sent messages? If there is a chance to edit the sent messages, waah! Amazing isn’t it? Yes! Telegram introduces a feature to “edit sent messages“.

This new feature supports in one-on-one conversations and in group conversations. Even you can edit the sent messages on the desktop client of Telegram.

How to edit sent messages in Telegram?

  • To edit the sent messages, all you need to do is to press the “UP” button to edit the last message.
  • In mobile phones, just tap and hold the message you want to edit and then you have to click on “Edit” button to edit that message.
  • If you want to edit the message on the Desktop client, you have to press the “UP arrow button”.

Although Telegram lets you edit the sent messages with their new update, there’s a catch. The edited messages will show an “Edited tag” to show that you have edited that particular message.

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Mention anyone on in Group who don’t have username

Telegram added few more amazing features such as you can mention anyone in the group even if they don’t have a username. To mention their name, just type “@” and then you can select who you want to mention. Once you mention their name, Telegram sends him/her a notification even if they have muted the group.

People List

Speaking of addressing people, you can now get to your recent chats much faster using the new People list in Search.

Access Bot Attachments

Also, you can now access “inline bots” right from the attachment menu. There’s now a People list in search to help you find your recently contacted persons much faster. If you have an iOS device, Telegram now remembers the particular position in any conversation if you’re switching back and forth from one chat to another.

Interface Improvements

Telegram added quick sharing buttons to forwarded messages from bots, channels, and public groups. Notifications about messages with stickers will now show the relevant emoji so that you’ll know the general idea at first glance.

The already feature-packed app now has even more features. No wonder the ever lethargic WhatsApp is being forced to act with some new features like video calling, text formatting, and desktop apps.

Last but not least, if you’re on iOS, your app now remembers the scroll position in chats when switching to a different chat and back. And scrolling up in a chat summons a new button that will send you back to the bottom in one tap. This button also displays a handy unread message counter if new ones are waiting for you there.

Telegram for PC – Windows, Linux, and Mac – Installation, and Configuration

Here is a clear procedure to install and configure Telegram for your (Windows, Linux, and Mac) PC. To install it download from the link below.
And that’s it for today. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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