Optimize the Battery of your Mobile, Experts Answers

Optimize the Battery of your Mobile, Experts Answers

Optimize the Battery of your Mobile, Experts Answers: Since the invention of the mobile phone, the problem is duration of the battery charge has plagued mankind like a recurring nightmare. Here are the some myths and facts about it, gathered from experts answers. The tips come from Shane Broesky, co-founder of Farbe Technik, a company that makes accessories to charge your phone.


Leave the phone on charge overnight no damage to the device drastically

According to Shane, your phone is smart enough to know when it has been fully charged and then stops the flow of current. Still, some lithium batteries may react poorly to rise to high temperatures and prolonged exposure to this might be a problem in the long run.
It’s okay to charge mobile this way but not abuse the method.

Do not wait until exhausted

The optimal time to make charging mobile is when the battery is between 50 and 80% capacity
You charge your device in short periods throughout the day will give these ions enough energy to keep them running

Avoid cycles of complete charge

Do not let the battery becomes empty and then reload .
The great enemy of the battery are cycles. A cycle is when your battery is almost empty vacuum at full load.
Each battery only supports a certain number of cycles and each time one meets its lifetime and is shortened considerably, to the point that many have experienced even where after the total charge is zero up time.

Using quality accessories

It could be common sense but use quality accessories is also an important point, as you say “what you pay” and makes sense that if we have expensive devices, their chargers and other support tools are priced accordingly.
Put the above into practice and they could help our mobile charge to be for a long time and helps our batteries to serve in a long run.
These are really precious words by the experts and thanks for sharing such a great and useful words to all our All Top 9 users.



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