Should We Worry that Facebook Changes its Terms and Services?

Should We Worry that Facebook Changes its Terms and Services?

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The changes have not yet managed to simplify the Terms and Conditions of Service.

Perspective on Facebook Changes on Terms and Services: January 1, 2015

Next January 30, 2014 shall come into force the new terms and conditions of service Facebook, which has been widely promoted by the social network among users, and also have triggered conspiracy theories , it is worth explaining what will change things from January 1, 2015 in the most massive social network on the planet.

The most important change that will implement Facebook is the publication and promotion of a simple guide to properly configure our security parameters in the network, which will be called ” Privacy Basics “and explain step by step how to control the information that other users can view . Your profile on the website , users will face three categories to configure your account: “what others see you”, “how others interact with you” and “what you see”.
Importantly, Facebook now explicit in its terms regarding privacy  which is the risk that your comments be made ​​public without your consent:
In some cases, people with whom you communicate and share content will want to return to share with others some of our services. When currents publication of another person or give a “Like” on Facebook, that person is the one who decides who will your comment or “like”. If your hearing is public, your comment will also be public.
Another change in the social network now is that any changes to the configuration regarding the ads will be reflected on all platforms of social network, which means that if you restrict certain types of notices to your account from a browser on a computer , this change will appear in mobile applications across all platforms of Facebook. In fact, Facebook now separately explicit what their services , for example Messenger, Paper, Rooms, Slingshot or application of
In short, even experts who criticize these changes indicate that they are not so great , let alone really clear that Facebook is expanding its data collection mechanisms used increasingly different devices and services on all platforms on which the network is social. For example, it is now explicit that Instagram and Whatsapp can access information Facebook user. Since both belong to Facebook, this should not affect too.

However, if the collection of personal data only nowbothering you, it is worth reminding you can always deactivate your Facebook account by logging into the configuration . While not guarantee that advertisers continue collecting your data, at least it will be in smaller amounts. To minimize it, you must disable cookies Facebook and other similar services in your browser