Facebook Love Stories Which Turned to Successful Weddings

Facebook Love Stories Which Turned to Successful Weddings

A few days back, Facebook, the social networking giant turned 12 on Thursday, February 4. Like every year, Facebook celebrated its 12-year anniversary with a beautiful Friends Day Video. On that very special day, Facebook sent all its users a Friends Day video card featuring photos them and their friends. As we all know, Facebook is a haven where we come across some strangers who might become very close to us as the days pass on. Sometimes, we don’t even predict some things that happen in our life. One of the most momentous and crucial phase for every person is marriage and it is the moment where one must be with utmost prudent while choosing the right person as their life partner.
Facebook is not just a place where we share our views, emotions and it is something which is more than a social media. For some people, it has become a platform to find their companion and it would be more eloquent if we entitle them as soulmates. Yes, Facebook turned many people as ilife partners. Here are the wonderful love stories of few couples that Facebook played a crucial part in uniting teo different strangers as a forver loving and strongly bonded couple.

1. Raman Gulati and Priya Gulati

Raman Gulati is currently the Vice President of Product Development at CareerArc. He is one among the couples who met his loving companion on the social networking platform which turned out to be a strong bonding. In the year 2011, Raman heard a popular song “Blame It (On the Alcohol),” and upon hearing to that song, he  posted a status “Blame it on the Aggarwal”. He then asked his friends to introduce him to people with the last name so he could deliver the line in person.
Facebook Love Stories Which Turned to Successful Weddings
Secretly, Raman says, he hoped for an introduction to a second-degree connection, Priya Aggarwal. A mutual friend of both Raman and Priya made the intro. That way, Raman, and Priya met on Facebook in the year 2011, began dating, got engaged in 2012 and eventually got married in the year 2013.
Mark Zuckerberg with Raman, Priya and Sohana Gulati
Ten weeks ago, in the month of November 2015, Priya gave birth to their daughter and welcomed baby Sohana into this beautiful world. The baby Sohana is so beautiful and living example of the power of connection. Recently, on the occasion of Facebook’s 12-year anniversary, they met Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg with their little baby Sohana.

2. Sahand Sepehrnia and Morvarid Pearl

Morvarid Pearl is Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Realty, Inc. who met a guy on Facebook in the year 2007. Actually, Sahand Sepehrnia sent her a friend request on the social networking site. There were no mutual friends and Sahand was living in Los Angeles. Upon looking at his profile, she knew that he is a Manager of Global Strategy at Mattel. Morvarid was in Toronto when he met him on Facebook.
Facebook Love Stories - Successful Weddings
She accepted his friend request they become friends and they continued their relationship for 3 years. Then, they thought of giving it a shot. Spring 2010 when they met for the first time.
Facebook Wedding - Couple
After 2 years, they got engaged and on August 2013, they vowed in front of their friends and family to love each other until their last breath.

3. Jason Lehman and Julie Howell Lehman

Julie Howell Lehman also met her husband through Facebook. Before their first encounter on Facebook, Jason Lehman was living in Canada and she was from California. They actually met for the first time in the month of August and later he moved to California in September. They both got married on 31 October 2009.
Facebook Love Led to Marriage
They both have a really strong bond with each other and she can’t imagine life without him. Unfortunately, she had a stroke 3 years after their marriage. Due to that, their lives were dramatically changed, but their love has only grown.

4. Bank HeartyBank and Sichayakan Romsuk

Bank HeartyBank lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand met his wife on Facebook. Actually, their first encounter was a little strange because of unbelievable Facebook feeds algorithm that they couldn’t find the answer until today. One day. Sichayakan Romsuk (his wife) posted one of her proudest before and after of life changing weight loss picture.
Facebook Love Stories
Incredibly, that picture appeared on his feeds despite they weren’t friends on Facebook and they don’t even had any mutual friends that day. She didn’t boost post surely. However, he commented on her picture and said how great she did.
Facebook Love Stories - Thailand
Even sent a friend request to her and she accepted his request jumping gladly in the kitchen. Because she too likes him very much. They started conversation, relationship and finally got married last year Christmas. Although she is not slim as the first day they met, he loves the way how happy she is to have him in her life. He also loves her like she loves cake. He feels really thankful to the best and great social network ever that brought his last and my best woman to him..!

5. Kendra Cowser and Sean O’Brien

Kendra Cowser and Sean O’Brien met for the first time on Facebook in the month of January 2010. Kendra rarely friended anyone on Facebook other than people she knew, but in 2009 destiny stepped in when Sean sent her a friend request. Although Kendra didn’t know him, he lived near her hometown of Galva, Illinois, and thought they might have mutual friends in common, so she accepted. None of his friends looked familiar though so she just let it go, until six months later when Sean started liking some of her photos.
FB Love Stories that turned out to Weddings
One night as she was packing up her apartment in Chicago getting ready to coincidentally head back to Galva, Kendra finally decided to satisfy her curiosity and message him. Sean responded promptly and they closed up writing back and forth all night. It turns out Sean didn’t know her but she popped up on his list of people he might know. In July 2012, Sean messaged her on Facebook to ask her to go ring shopping—his way of proposing—and on September 2013, they threw a huge bash that their guests described as “the best wedding they’ve ever been to!!

6.  Alex McLoughlin and Grace McLoughlin

Grace McLoughlin met her husband through Facebook as he was a mutual friend of her cousin. They hadn’t seen each other for many years and only kept in touch on Facebook.
Couple Met via Facebook
They started talking in 2010, met, began their relationship and got engaged in the year 2011. Alex McLoughlin moved 170 miles to live near Grace in 2012. they got married in 2013 and got pregnant in 2014.
Facebook Wonderful Love Stories
Last year, they were blessed with a baby and they’ve look forward to what 2016 has to offer for us x. They both are very much grateful for the miracle of Facebook without which she might never have met the man of my dreams and had their gorgeous baby boy x.




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7. Kasun Gothama Dissanayake and Ashara Piyadasa

Kasun Gothama Dissanayake is from Colombo in Sri Lanka who first met Ashara Piyadasa on facebook. Their facebook friendship turned out into a strong relationship that ultimately led to lifelong bonding. They both got married on January 15, 2015.
FB Love
Facebook Love Stories to Weddings

8. Dhruv Kapoor and Neha Suneja Kapoor

Here is an Indian couple who found their soul companions on Facebook. The social networking giant, Facebook played a significant role in their marriage. Though they were from the same school, they never spoke to each other, but then after 8 years, they came in touch through Facebook. They are now married, and its been a year!
Facebook Love Stories 7

9. Mahendra Pardeshi and Shweta Mahendra Pardeshi

Mahendra Pardeshi and Shweta Mahendra Pardeshi are from India. Their story is somewhat different. Although it was an arranged marriage but wasn’t fixed because she never spoke to him. One day she received a friend request from Mahendra and randomly accepted his request.
Facebook Love Stories - India
From then they started conversations day and night without knowing her mother. Finally, when they were asked about the decision they shook heads together as if they were some strangers. Facebook made them very close than anything else.

10. Abhishek Chakraborty and Debdattaa Sen Chakraborty

Facebook has reached beyond the international boundaries and connected people. Facebook is not only meant for uniting couples and get married but also, a big window to rejuvenate our lost friends and family. Abhishek Chakraborty says he got back so many school friends back and most importantly he met his wife on Facebook and got married on 2014 in India.
Facebook Love Stories 10
These are the wonderful love stories of these cute couples who met on Facebook and leading their life happily by filling joy and ever grateful to the giant social media that brought them together. However, it is not possible to mention the Facebook love stories of all the other couples and so we are placing their photographs below. Take a look!
Facebook Love Stories that turned out to successful weddings
Facebook Love Stories 6
Facebook Love Stories 4
Facebook Love Stories 5
FB Love Stories
These are the amazing Facebook love stories that united people from different regions as one family. Hope you like this wonderful stories. If you have such unique stories, do share them with us in comments section.


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