Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook with this App

Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook with this App

Strengthen yourselves, things are going to get more difficult with that friend with whom you have constant ideological contentions on the popular social networking platform, Facebook. Ever wonder why your friend list on Facebook doesn’t match up with the past time you checked it? Well, it could only indicate that someone has either deleted their account or something more ominous, delete you from their Facebook account. The social media platform apparently doesn’t wish to make you feel depressed and neurotic, which is thoughtful. However, this is the latest news that we would surely acknowledge having at our fingertips. Do you want to know who unfriended you on Facebook? Then you are at the right place to get exact information about this. This is an amazing app which helps you to find out who deleted you from the Facebook account.

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Unfriending is almost always an incitement kind of decision. Do people really want to know who unfriended them on Facebook? It would be more obvious to ask is it really good to know who unfriended you? Keeping all these questions apart, a new app called Who Deleted Me has been launched that tells you how many and which friends are missing or deactivated since your last Facebook login. It will now send you an alert every time someone removes you from their friend list.

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‘Who Deleted Me’ App – Know Who Unfriended You on Facebook

A new mobile app entitled “Who Deleted Me” has been launched to let people know who “unfriended” them on the popular social networking platform Facebook since their last login.
Facebook - App to find who unfriended you

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Features of Who Deleted Me

  • This app takes stock of a user’s current friends list, but cannot render backdated information.
  • The app tells users how many and which friends are missing or deactivated since their last Facebook login.
  • When you first log in, the app takes stock of your current friends list and every time you return it matches the latest version to the saved one.
  • It then notifies you who your missing friends are and whether they have deactivated their account, or simply deleted you.
  • It also allows you to keep track of who you have deleted.

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How it Works?

  • Once you log into the ‘Who Deleted Me’ app and your friend list on Facebook is saved. From then on this app will automatically observe your Facebook contact list periodically.

Who Deleted Me app - Find Who Unfriended you on Facebook

  • Then, if your friend count drops, the app lets you know who is now missing.

Who Deleted Me app for Finding the friends who deleted you

  • You will get to know that information as a notification.
  • The notification will include confirmation of whether the person in question deleted you or just deactivated their account completely.


Who Deleted Me is a free and recently updated and debugged app which is available as an Android app as well as a plug-in for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. One tiny snag of this app is that there is no track record of those who have unfriended you in the past. The app provides you the information following the day you download it and sign up. So why are you waiting for? Just go on, install it and detect those scumbags!
This is all about finding people who deleted from their Facebook accounts. Stay tuned for more amazing apps, tips and tricks.


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