FamiSafe Parental Control App: The Best Family Tracking App

FamiSafe Parental Control App: The Best Family Tracking App


In a couple of past years, we have experienced a lot of changes in how things happen. Lifestyles have changed and this is aided further by growth in technology.

FamiSafe Parental Control App: The Best Family Tracking App

We all want to work with the most advanced technology. There was a time when phones were only used by the wealthy guys in society. Today, they are used by almost everybody including kids as young as two or three years. A phone is the most popular gadget across various age groups in the world. For sure, they have greatly impacted our lives and are basic to our survival.

Most of us cannot end a day without using a phone, so you understand the usefulness of these gadgets. Despite the goodies about technology, it also has other related issues that make us miss our old days.

Unfortunately, we can’t do without it. The use of phones and technology, in general, has exposed human beings and especially children to online risks.

Fortunately, a lot of companies and individuals came to help you keep your children. We have several parental control apps and software to keep your “lonely” kids safe all the time. The most reliable of such apps is the FamiSafe parental control app. Many parents see it as a gift from Wondershare Company.

When you have this app, you’ll never be worried about your kids’ location. The app will also alert you when your children are receiving or sharing illicit content on their phones.

This location tracker helps parents to control their children’s phones remotely from its simple-to-use interface from your phone or a computer.




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Your current IP address is: 2001:4455:2f7:b700:f880:7bad:b46b:1768

You can stream and download anonymously through your PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone through IP Vanish.

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Features of FamiSafe

Parents have continued to download the FamiSafe parental control app every day. All praise it for an array of useful features that are unique and not available in most competitor apps.

These features are inbuilt and they make the app the most preferred among parents. Again, parents will only download the single app and enjoy the many features. The many features ensure that the app offers a complete solution to various parental controls. Below are the main features of the FamiSafe application:

1.Live Location Tracker

Once you have installed this app on the two phones (yours and that of your kid), you will see the kid’s real-time location from your phone. This means that you can tell when the kid is located in a dangerous place.

If the kids are small and feel that calling them won’t help, you can contact your neighbor or the police to help you.

If you track a cell phone of your big boys and realize they are always in a bar, this could be enough reason to conclude that they take alcohol. You should investigate further and advise them. The live location of your children appears on the homepage of the FamiSafe app on your phone.

2. Detecting Suspicious Content

Though we might assume that kids are safe with their phones, they are open to a lot of risks. Kids can hardly differentiate between the good and the bad and therefore it’s good to take time and understand what they do on their phones.

If children receive any harmful content on their social media accounts. The app detects content that is in form of videos or photos that is likely to influence your kids’ morals. An example of content that can be detected by this app is videos or photos related to war and pornography.

3. Location and Browsing History Features

Someone may wonder how important these historical features are! You may want to know the exact locations that your children love to visit. The location history map on this app will show give you the exact time each location was visited.

Again, the app helps you to view the websites accessed by your children and allows you to block any of the websites remotely using your smartphone.

Subscription Charges and Download Procedure

Wondershare offers very flexible subscription plans to meet the needs of different parents who use this app. Users enjoy a three-day free trial before making a subscription. The company charges $9.99 for a monthly plan, $19.99 for the quarterly subscription, and $59.99 for a yearly plan.

This kid locator app is available for download from the following platforms:

  1. Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wondershare.famisafe
  2. App Store:https://apps.apple.com/us/app/famisafe-parental-control-app/id1385417904
  3. Amazon Store:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0876SHYGC

Anyone using a smartphone is covered. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store while those with iOS gadgets have the App Store to download the app. Amazon Store can be used by all smartphone users to get the FamiSafe parental control app.


The FamiSafe parental control app ensures your kids’ safety when you are away. The app will help you to block unnecessary sites that your kids visit and the apps that receive any suspicious content.

Parents enjoy the app’s effectiveness and ease of use. Anyone can afford it because it’s cheaper than most parental control apps. Get this app today and secure your kids more!


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FamiSafe Parental Control App: The Best Family Tracking App

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