Our 11 Most Favourite Websites Years Ago and Now – Amazing Pictures

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We use them almost daily (and we do not do it anymore because we prefer the mobile version or app) and we can hardly imagine life without many of them.

We talk about the most traffic websites in the world, such as Facebook, Google, Wikipedia or Amazon, so integrated into our daily routine that seems to have been there forever.

There will be users (the Centennials, born since 2000) who have not even used them in their original version and have never seen what they were like.


But like everything else in this life, they had their principles, and some more than others, in their day they were very different from what they are today. Accustomed to the web design and the usability that they offer today, it seems that in their day they had this appearance (and that we still visited them). Do you want to see it? 

Favourite Websites Years Ago and Now In Pictures

1. Wikipedia – The free Encyclopedia

  • This was Wikipedia in 2001 …


  • And that’s how it is now


2. Facebook

  • This was Facebook in 2004 …


  • And that’s how it is now


Latest News and updates from Facebook:

3. Amazon

  • This was the Amazon website in 1995 …


  • And that’s how it is now


Latest News from Amazon:

4. YouTube

  • This was the Amazon website in 2005 …


  • And that’s how it is now


Latest updates from YouTube:

5. Twitter

  • This was the Twitter website in 2006 …


  • And that’s how it is now


Latest updates and news on Twitter:

6. Google

  • This was the Google website almost 20 years ago (1998) …


  • And that’s how it is now


Latest News and Updates on Google:

7. LinkedIn

  • This was the LinkedIn website in 2003 …


  • And that’s how it is now


LinkedIn latest News and updates:

8. Instagram

  • This was the Instagram website in 2011 …


  • And that’s how it is now


Instagram Latest stories:

9. Pinterest

  • This was the Pinterest website in 2010 …


  • And that’s how it is now


10. Reddit

  • This was the Reddit website in 2005 …


  • And that’s how it is now almost identical


11. Apple

  • This was the Apple Inc. website in the year 1993


  • And that is how it is now


Apple Latest News and Updates:

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These are the top most important websites that we visit all the time. This is how they looked in the starting stage and now. I hope you enjoyed our article.
If you want us to include any other important websites to this list, you can write to our mail through contact us page or you can just comment below. We will include them in our article in the next update.
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