Cloud Backup Robot – Best Backup Software for SQL Server with Amazing Features

Cloud Backup Robot – Best Backup Software for SQL Server with Amazing Features

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Maintaining multiple copies of critical databases is very crucial for mostly all organizations. Off-site backups are essential to ensure data safety and recover data from a natural disaster or any undesirable situation.

Amazing Features of Cloud Backup Robot: Backup Software to SQL Server

Cloud Backup Robot is an extremely user-friendly program to backup your SQL Server databases. The program offers you great services including encryption, sending your backup copies to local or networked folder, cloud or FTP. So, let us now take a look at some of the most exciting features of cloud backup robot.

Some Exciting Things about Cloud Backup Robot

The “Set up once and forget” feature of the program makes it very simple for the users to use. The entire configuration process of the program is designed with great simplicity. All the users are needed to do is to select the database files that are required to be backed up and the destination folder. It merely takes just a couple of seconds.
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Moreover, the program supports multiple popular backup destinations such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. Backup copies can even be saved to a local or networked folder and even to FTP Server.
The user can even create a schedule in order to automate backup tasks. You don’t have to worry about installing Cloud Backup Robot on each and every computer where the backups of Microsoft SQL Server are needed. The program can automatically do it remotely over Internet or LAN. It will directly download the backup file to your PC.
Plus, it is also very stable. The entire process of creating backups doesn’t interrupt the working of SQL server. The program can save backups to even ZIP archives and stores them after compression.
The program can also be configured to delete the outdated copies without taking up cloud storage or hard drive space. Another wonderful feature of Cloud backup robot is Restoration. It comes with a completely free tool to restore databases from backups.

Some important things to consider when taking backups of SQL Server Databases

  • Taking a backup on a network drive and cloud storage is very important since the data saved on the local hard drive can be lost in case of any system failure or crash. Implementing higher RAID standard can also be a great option to secure your important database files. The best option can be RAID 10 implementation.
  • The most cost effective and beneficial way to secure your critical database files is to upload their backup copies to the cloud storage. Many cloud service providers offer top security standards.
  • As it is said, prevention is always better than cure. In a case of system crash, it becomes really hard to recover important data if proper recovery plans are not set beforehand. So, you should keep a different test server, if possible, to make a dry run through the recovery process.

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