Do you use Android mobile? Find out if Facebook has your Call & SMS history

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The company of Zuckerberg is again in the spotlight. Android users have reported on social networks that Facebook has been accessing their history of SMS and calls for years.

How to Find If Facebook has your Call & SMS history in Android mobiles

We will tell you how to find out if Facebook has also accessed your data.


They say that after the storm comes the calm but this is not the case for Facebook. After the Cambridge Analytic scandal, the company of Mark Zuckerberg returns to face complaints on social networks by Android users, as they have found out that Facebook has been accessing their history of calls and SMS for years.

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It was precisely the controversial case of Cambridge Analytic that motivated many users to download their Facebook data file, in order to find out what information Facebook had about them or with the intention of saving all their files and then deleting their account.

Many of the Android users found that Facebook had been collecting data about their call log and SMS for years. That is, if you have an Android phone, Facebook may know who you have called and how often, and the same with text messages.

Apparently, Facebook required access to contacts and registration of calls and SMS of users to improve their suggestions of friendship, as well as to distinguish between business contacts and friends. According to Ars Technica, Facebook accessed such data through its Messenger app, since lately it constantly suggests to users to synchronize their contacts.

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However, this is not something new: Facebook has been doing it for years, even when Android’s privacy permissions were much less strict. This does not affect the iOS devices since most apps of this operating system can not access the history of calls or messages. In contrast, on Android, you need to download an app to block access to apps to such data.

Facebook has answered user complaints noting that it is not unusual or incorrect for an app to access such information. ” The most important part of apps and services that help you make connections is to help you find the people you want to connect with, ” said a Facebook spokesperson. ” So the first time you log in to a social or messaging app on your mobile, a very common practice is to start downloading your phone’s contacts .”

How to know if Facebook has my SMS history and calls

To find out if Facebook also has your call log and text messages you have to download the data file that the RRSS has on you.

To do this, access the configuration and below you will find the function “Download a copy of your information” and then “Create my File”. Facebook will ask you again for the password and will begin to download all the information – including data, photos and publications – that you have of your profile.

In this way, you can know what Facebook knows about you. I hope this article helps you to find out about your information being accessed by this network. If you have any other queries regarding this, comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.

What do you think about collecting your personal information by Facebook? Do you agree or disagree?