Five iOS Features we will lose when upgrading to iOS 11

Five iOS Features we will lose when upgrading to iOS 11

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As we have seen this week, iOS 11 brings many new features to iPhone and iPad. Some of these features are really useful, such as the possibility of sharing the Wi-Fi easily. However, even though we gain great features, we also lose others.

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5 iOS Features that Might be Lost when You are upgrading to an iOS 11

This is what you will not be able to do on iOS 11 once your iPhone or iPad are upgraded. 


The iCloud Drive app

After upgrading to iOS 11, we lose the iCloud Drive application which is eliminated by the Apple in their new iOS. But in its place, it has left us Files, a new application that is practically a vitamin iCloud Drive. Thanks to Archives, we can also get access to iCloud Drive to Dropbox and other similar services in the cloud, as well as tags, list view and drag-and-drop options.


Now playing in the Control Center

In iOS 10 and earlier, if we opened the Control Center and slide it to the right, it showed us the widget playing now. From here we could control what was playing in sound or video. Now, this widget goes to the Notification Center. In the Control Center, we are left with a simple widget with fewer options.


32-bit applications

Apple had spent months and even years telling developers to upgrade their 64-bit applications. Some have not, and those apps can no longer be used on iOS 11. Therefore, if you have some application like that (old applications and little updated generally), you’ll have to say goodbye to it since updating your iPhone or IPad to iOS 11 you will not be able to use it anymore.

  • Check if your iPhone and iPad models are compatible with iOS 11? Also, check whether your iPhone or iPad is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Gestures to access the Control Center on iPad

Of course, when you slide from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or iPad, the Control Center appears. But this is not going to be the case in iOS 11 on the iPad, because instead when you slide, the Dock will appear.


Native integration of Facebook and Twitter

From the iOS Settings until now we could configure our Twitter and Facebook account to integrate natively into the device. It will not be like this from iOS 11 because Apple stops giving them a priority. This means that if a developer wants to have access to your Facebook or Twitter account for your app, you will not be able to do it directly, but you will have to request permission via the web to Facebook or Twitter directly.

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These are the five features that we are going to miss once we upgrade our iPhone or iPad from iOS 10 to iOs 11. New iOS 11 is great but missing the old ones is little disappointing.
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