This is how Apple Fixes the Broken Screens of iPhone

This is how Apple Fixes the Broken Screens of iPhone

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Apple has unveiled one of the best-kept secrets. That is how to repair broken iPhone screen. Until now, everything was a mystery. You went to an Apple Store and took the sick cell to a room where it came out fully recovered.

Quick Ways on How Apple Fixes the Broken Screen of an iPhone: Revealed

There is nothing more than Horizon Machine, the machine in charge of fixing the screens of Apple phones and that the company will send to other places beyond the official store.

A company executive has said that about 400 devices will be shipped to different third-party repair shops, reaching 25 countries by the end of 2017. In addition, according to Cupertino, the warranty of the device will not be void even though you have taken it to a store other than the Apple Store, ‘provided the technician has not caused any damage.

How does Apple fix the screens of the iPhone?

That is the big question. No, in the room away from prying eyes there are no magicians charged with leaving them as new. Rather, there is the Horizon Machine. After a person replaces the broken screen with a new one, the machine, the size of a microwave, is responsible for calibrating it.

According to Reuters, who has been able to access the famous Apple cures hall, when the iPhone enters the machine, Apple software communicates with the new hardware.

  • Meanwhile, a mechanical finger hits the screen at different points to test the touch – sensitive surface.
  • The machine is also responsible for adjusting the screen and software to match the colours and calibration of the original.

With the arrival of the Horizon Machine is expected to reduce the waiting time to repair the screens. In fact, in some Apple Store, it may take more than a week.

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So, this is the process that Apple follows to fix the iPhone broken screens. With this Horizon machine, it is very easy to fix the broken glass of iOS devices. Amazing isn’t it?
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