Fixed: iPhone Battery Discharges in Hours Even Without Using the Phone

Fixed: iPhone Battery Discharges in Hours Even Without Using the Phone

Recently we have seen that, as the battery of an iPhone is taking more age and wear, the performance of the device is intentionally reduced so that the impact of that ageing battery is less. Debates aside, it is clear that the unstoppable evolution of smartphones has pushed the technology of batteries to the limit.

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With this scenario, it does not surprise me that many of us panic or believe in programmed obsolescence when suddenly the battery of our iPhone is decreased or discharged in a matter of hours from one day to the next. But that probably caused by something else but not the problem with the battery life. Let’s see how to solve it.

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Solutions to Fix the iPhone Battery Discharges in Hours Even Without Using the Phone Problem

If you are used to the fact that your iPhone’s battery lasts more or less all day and suddenly happens to last a few hours, something happens. It tells you about everything that the phone is hot even if you do not use it, a sign that you are “working” much more than you should.

The most secure: an application is responsible

The most likely thing that can happen is that there is an application that is consuming a lot of battery. It may have hung up, or we may have left a game that consumes a lot of resources in the background. From Settings, we can locate what is that application.

Within those settings in iOS, enter the section ‘Battery’. There, if you scroll down a little, you will find a list of applications ordered from most to least battery consumption during the last 24 hours or the last seven days. The app in charge will occupy the first position:

Note that if you press the small icon in the form of a clock in the tabs to change time bands, the number of hours and minutes in which the application has been in the first and second level appears. Useful data to know if this application really closes or not when we stop using it:

Simply locate the application that is consuming the more battery and close it, pressing twice on the Home button and sliding up the application when the multitasking interface appears. If you have an iPhone X, you can invoke that multitasking by sliding your finger from bottom to top on your screen and holding that finger for a moment.




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That an application does this is not uncommon at all. The developer may not have updated and optimized it in several years, or an error may cause you to consume resources excessively. If an update of the application does not arrive and the problem persists, it is best to stop using it and look for an alternative.

What if no application consumes more than the regular usage of battery?

In that case, the first thing I would do is to restart the iPhone in case any iOS error it causes to consume too many resources. After restarting the problem persists, depending on the age of the phone would consider informing Apple of the matter to raise a battery change. Maybe it’s a hardware problem with that battery, so a diagnosis by an authorized technical service would be necessary.

Anyway, depending on the age of the phone, you may be more aware of the purchase of a new terminal than the old battery change. Remember that you have an Apple’s recycling program at your hand, with which if you bring an old iPhone to recycle its components responsibly you will get a discount to buy a new one.

This is how we can solve the iPhone battery discharging problems. I hope this article will help you to solve the battery issues on your iPhone. If you are still facing the problem with the high consumption of the battery even without using, let us know them in the below comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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