FlightHub asks: Which social media manger apps are right for you?

FlightHub asks: Which social media manger apps are right for you?

In a time when eCommerce is dominating the online business market, it seems that tradition retail boutiques and stores are turning their attention to solidifying their place on both the social media and online scenes. But taking space on the internet has both pros and cons: though you may be able to reach and target your specific demographic, will they listen to you? In an oversaturated market, how do you manage to upkeep and dominate your competition in your niche demographic? In attempting to separate yourself from the pack, FlightHub reviews the different social media management tools that are working hard to make your voice better heard in the digital commerce scene.


The flashier and probably better known social media management tools out there, Hootsuite is usually go-to for most businesses, big or small. With their flexible plans and rates, as well as consistent customer service and one-on-one tutorials, Hootsuite allows businesses to plan, manage, coordinate, and execute all of their social media dreams and campaigns seamlessly. Easily filter through your social media streams without having to go on each individual platform. Easily publish on all the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress, and Mixi. What’s great about HootSuite is its affordability, especially for startups. At only $9 a month, users can enjoy the privileges of their “pro”, instant reporting on their social media activity, and team management functions make


Usually comparable to Hootsuite, the only drawback of Sproutsocial that FlightHub can see is that there’s no free option for small, or one-person business teams. Recommended for its easy user interface and visual appeal, Sproutsocial supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and integrates Feedly and RSS feeds seamlessly into your feed. One of the key selling points for Sproutsocial is the great overview of the analytical data collected through the social media platforms, allowing businesses to see what strategies really work, or ones that are suffering. This program is excellent to use if you have more than one person managing social media channels and accounts.


Crowdfire is an app and social media management platform that handles your followers on Twitter and Instagram. With the rise of Instagram as an eCommerce tool as well as brand management, lots of businesses have upped their game with the visually appealing social media platform. Crowdfire allows businesses to manage their followers, add or unfollow who they want, see their post-stats, growing the account, and making sure you’re keeping current on emerging brands, competitors and influencers. FlightHub doesn’t recommend using this app should you want or need to post content on your websites or blogs, as the app doesn’t really support this kind of activity. The mobile app is easy to use, and should you wish to focus solely on your Instagram and Twitter followers, this app is the one for you. Based off these descriptions, deciding what kind of app you needs falls squarely on what of business you are, and what kind of business you wish to become. Whether you’re a small business working around the clock, or a big business looking to expand your reach, making sure which management program is right for you may determine your success in the eCommerce world.


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