20 Best Free Games To Play First On Oculus Quest 2

20 Best Free Games To Play First On Oculus Quest 2

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You would want to experience VR gaming on the Quest or Meta 2 the moment it arrives at your doorstep. But as you browse through, you will notice that most games are paid and cost about $20 on average.

Although it is not too expensive, especially when compared with Xbox, PC, or Playstation games, it is better to start things off with free games. Let’s look at some free games on oculus quest 2 that will make Meta 2 worthwhile. 

1. First Contact

First Contact is an application that all new Oculus users must try. It makes you familiar with the controls of VR but in an engaging and entertaining way.

You can use motion controllers and all the buttons to interact with robots and other objects. It was designed for the Oculus Rift, but developers have somehow managed to squeeze in the Quest as well. 

2. The Silkworm (App Lab)

The Silkworm

Silkworm is an adventure game where players take on the role of a Silkworm. You can swing, climb, jump, and even zipline around the city.

Look down, and you will experience what it is like to have a height phobia. Furthermore, the game’s physics feels on point, making it feel as if you are really swinging.  

3. Gods of Gravity (App Lab)

Gods of Gravity is a strategy game built around an arcade and allows players to compete in the ultimate showdown of celestial gods. You can fling and scoop the ships to capture planets and even open wormholes to transport them into another universe.

Furthermore, the game’s moons and planets are super important as they improve production. You can build massive fleets to unleash the wrath on enemies’ planets and suns. 

4. Pavlov: Shack (App Lab)

Pavlov is a first-person shooting game that is quite like Counter-Strike. It essentially allows Counter-Strike players to experience their favorite game in VR. You can pick between Co-Op or Deathmatch modes based on your preferences.

Furthermore, while the basic game is completely free, some paid features include bots, custom maps, and scopes. Players who have not played first-person shooting games before might find it a little difficult at first, but they will begin to love the experience after a while.

5. Krossa (In-Browser)

Let your rage out with Krossa rage room which lets you smash vases with a baseball bat. There are not many things that players can do in Krossa, but constantly-spawning vases keep you engaged. Furthermore, the sound of glass breaking is simply incredible and feels so satisfying. 

6. Rec Room (Oculus Store)

Rec Room (Oculus Store)

Rec Room is a classic game similar to VRChat, bringing out your creative sides. It is a massive world where players can create their own rooms using many features. Furthermore, it also lets you interact with an online community and even show them the rooms you have designed. You can also hold parties and invite the other players to them.

7. Pokerstars VR (Oculus Store)

Pokerstars VR is probably the most popular game on Quest 2. The experience feels as if you are gambling in real life. You get several toys and props to make the betting tables look more exciting and fun. If you have not been to a casino in real life, the Pokerstars will let you experience that from the comfort of your home. 

8. Gun Raiders (Oculus Store)

Gun Raider is a first-person shooting game where players gather in an arena and shoot each other with all sorts of weapons. The controls are simple and intuitive, which can be learned quickly even by people who have never played FPS.

Players can use jetpacks to get them a burst of speed when needed and defy gravity. You can use these jetpacks and different weapons to practice different ways of hunting down enemies.  

9. Fit’n Punch XR (In-Browser)

Fit’n Punch is a unique boxing game that allows the players to compete with each other. Furthermore, the players can also engage in trash talk to get their bodies pumped. Even though the design of the game is fairly basic, it does not compromise the entertainment.

To simulate the experience of missing a punch in real life, the reloads the moment players take their third punch. Thus, to prevent the game from loading from the start, players will have to perfect their punches and speed, which will also help in real life.

10. Moon Rider (In-Browser)

Moon Rider (In-Browser)

Moon Rider is a perfect in-browser game and an example for anyone who believes that in-browsing limits the gaming experience.

It is pretty similar to Beat Saber, which is a popular paid game and also provides more variety of song maps and play versions. Furthermore, the game has permission to do everything from Beat Saber, so it would not be taken off the store for a similar design.

11. Battle Talent (App Lab)

Battle Talent lets the players experience combat from up close. You can shoot arrows, wield swords, and cast magic spells on foes. Furthermore, the game also allows the players to run, slide and even climb on the different levels. The game generates random levels each time you play it, which never bores the players.  

12. Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag provides a hypnotizing experience that has made a name for itself in the VR world. The game’s design is simple, which is probably the reason for its popularity. You can play two types of matches, the tag or infection.

In both cases, you have to run to chase a gorilla down or protect yourself from the infection. The game nails the experience and makes you feel exactly like Gorilla from the moment you put on the headset.

13. Liminal (Oculus Store)

Liminal (Oculus Store)

Liminal is more of an experience than a game, but it is too satisfying to leave it off this list. You can feel a range of experiences that are developed using neuroscientists’ research. There are more than 60 experiences that can calm or invigorate you.

Some of them will simply leave you in awe. You will experience ethereal landscapes, hypnosis, guided meditations, and incredible rainswept vistas in the VR.   

14. Elixir

Elixir is a short but fun VR game that allows you to take the role of a witch’s apprentice. You can cast various magic spells with different hand movements that look incredible in VR. Playing it via hand tracking instead of controllers is even more fun.

Furthermore, the interactive experience of the game will make you familiar with complicated hand tracking, which will improve gameplay on other games. The randomness of the game keeps things exciting. 

15. VRChat

VRchat is one of the most popular games on Meta 2, which has a library of more than 25,000 chat spaces. It lets the users experience a range of destinations and purchase and sell assets in 3D. 

The most exciting feature of the game is avatar customization, which has a full-fledged 3D editor and advanced motion capture technology. It allows you to customize your character however you want, a feature that is rarely available on free applications.

16. Echo VR (Oculus Store)

Echo VR (Oculus Store)

Echo VR is one of the best multiplayer games on the Meta 2. The design is simple and involves players floating in a zero-gravity room. You have to throw and catch a disc and make it reach its goals while overcoming obstacles.

The objects in the landscapes can be pushed with wrist boosters to create a path for navigation. Simply put, it is the best way to experience Frisbee in a zero-gravity room.

17. We Are One Beta (App Lab)

“We Are One” is a puzzle-shooting game that presents mind-boggling puzzles which can be solved by cloning your characters and playing in time loops. Every move that you make in a loop is reproduced in the next time loop.

Thus, the players must carefully plan and strategize to defend the world from machines that are destroying it. You can also travel back in time and strategize with your new and older self.  

18. Seeker VR (SideQuest)

Hogwarts fans will love Seeker VR as it is the only authentic Quidditch game, albeit unofficial. The games offer three-dimensional, multi-sensor, and tantalizing experiences in VR.

The game has incorporated detailed graphics from a previous Harry Potter game, which most devices no longer support. However, because it is not an “official” development of Warner Brothers, it is unavailable on Meta Store. You would have to side-load it.

19. Epic Roller Coasters

Epic Roller Coaster offers you a joyous ride at home thanks to its highly detailed graphics. While the basic version of the game is free, it offers limited tracks. However, you can purchase new tracks or even unlock them with some achievements.

The tracks range from lush green landscapes to abandoned cities full of zombies. But in all cases, the 3-5 minute ride on the roller coaster definitely gets you excited.   

20. Ancient Dungeon Beta (App Lab)

Ancient Dungeon Beta

Ancient Dungeon is a simple game at its core, the enemies throw themselves on you, and you have to cut them to pieces. But what feels oddly more satisfying is the vines that are hung with the ceilings and litter boxes in hallways.

You can cut them with swords when you are not surrounded by enemies. Furthermore, each dungeon has multiple layers and an enemy hideout at almost every corner, making it super engaging.