Freedom 251 – Ringing Bells to Import First 50 Lakh Smartphones, Says Govt. Official

Freedom 251 – Ringing Bells to Import First 50 Lakh Smartphones, Says Govt. Official

As we all know, the Noida-based company, Ringing Bells has launched a new smartphone in India namely Freedom 251 at an exclusively inexpensive price of Rs. 251. The domestic handset maker Ringing Bells has officially launched ‘The Freedom 251‘ in New Delhi on February 17. This new smartphone is deemed as the world’s cheapest smartphone which is priced at an affordable cost of Rs. 251. According to some report, this smartphone was launched in line with the Indian government’s Make in India, Digital India, and Skill India programs. Since the launch of this smartphone, it has become a hot topic among the people of India.
Today, another news has been out that the domestic smartphone company, Ringing Bells will import the first 50 lakh units of its handset. As stated earlier, manufacturers of the world’s cheapest smartphone, Ringing Bells were to meet Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and some other officials from the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) about the pricing of their handset Freedom 251. A government official said later a meeting with the company’s promoter. The firm promises to deliver the first 50 lakh devices by the month of June 30 out of which, 25 lakh will be online orders whilst the other 25 lakh would be those obtained offline respectively.

Ringing Bells Will Import First 50 Lakh Handsets

The world’s cheapest smartphone, Freedom 251 will be imported in a bulk of 50 lakhs in its first phase by the month of June 30, confirmed the government official. The company that touts to have received more than 6 crore registrations for its Freedom 251 smartphone has assured delivery of 50 lakh devices by June 30.
Freedom 251 smartphone
In a meeting with the Department of Electronics and IT (DeitY) officials, the President of Ringing Bells, Ashok Chaddha, and Managing Director & Promoter Mohit Goel also explained their ‘business model’ on Monday. This follows directions from the Communications and IT Minister to check the “veracity” of the enterprise. The firm also has plans to set up, at least, two manufacturing plants in the following 6 to 8 months with a primary investment of Rs 350 crore.
According to an earlier report, Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had asked IT Secretary Aruna Sharma to verify the credentials and requirements of the company, Ringing Bells, after it made the proposal. The ministry has asked Sharma to solicit cooperation from chief secretaries of the state wherever needed as well. The ministry official also said during the meeting that the company has confirmed that they have received a payment for 30,000 handsets, which has been deposited in a security account.
Freedom 251 smartphone - Ringing bells
As per the guidelines, Ringing Bells said the price over Rs.75 lakh for 30,000 handsets has been deposited with the payment gateway and the firm will claim payment only after submission of delivery proof. Earlier, the President of Ringing Bells alongside the managing director guaranteed to deliver 50 lakh smartphones in the next three months.
In this video, Rajiv Makhni interacted with the president of Ringing Bells, Ashok Chadha, and the Managing Director & promoter Mohit Goel wherein he spotted out merely how the company has managed to price the smartphone at a small Rs 251, and many questions concerning the delivery of the smartphone.
Watch the Exclusive Interview of Ringing Bells President About Freedom 251 Smartphone: 

Let’s hope the Freedom 251 smartphone will be manufactured and delivered soon as promised for an affordable price tag. If you receive mobile from Ringing Bells team, post those pics in the comments below. We will feature in our website as you are the lucky person to receive it.


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