The Funniest Ways to Learn Languages Quickly and Successfully

The Funniest Ways to Learn Languages Quickly and Successfully


Learning languages is not only beneficial to our career, but it can also be very entertaining. Discover the best ways to learn languages without getting bored.

As we grow we tend to give up when it comes to learning new languages. Excuses such as ” rice have passed, I am no longer old, it is best to learn as a child,” ” I do not have time for that, ” or “it is too boring and difficult.”, etc. Well, those excuses are completely false.


One study showed that there is age is not considered to learn languages, adults can also master a new language. The trick is to learn in the same way as children like playing and having fun. Try to set aside the textbook you’ve bought, stop breaking your head with grammar exercises and spelling rules, and turn to learn into entertainment, not an obligation.

Also, you do not need plenty of free time to learn, so stop procrastinating from summer to summer. In fact, Duolingo’s CEO explained that the best trick to learning languages is to be consistent. If you want to speak and understand a new language successfully, it is more advisable to invest 15 minutes a day for a long period of time than to spend 8 hours a day for a month.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started with the funniest ways to learn our favourite language quickly and successfully. 

Funniest Ways to Learn Languages Quickly and Successfully

Here are the funniest ways to learn a new language :




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Watch movies and series 

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to watch movies and series in the original version. You can do this with or without subtitles in your language. In case you have an intermediate level of the language then it is advisable to play the subtitles of that original language that you are learning. If you start watching any series, then it will not take time as it will be integrated into your daily routine. With this method, you can learn a maximum of the new language. 

Download an app

Try to download the duolingo app. This is an app to learn languages in a fun way and has many free functions. In addition, as its CEO explains, dedicating 15 minutes a day in a regular and continuous way is the best trick to improve your language skills. That is, you can use the way to work to learn languages with your smartphone in an entertaining way. Duolingo is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Board Games 

Bring your friends together and learn languages by playing. You can try out ‘Taboo’, a fun word guessing game. It is available on Amazon. A very similar game is ‘What’s up’? In which each player will have to place a band on the head where they will appear an object, animal or similar, and will have to ask questions to the rest of the group to guess what it is. You can also try some more classic game like ‘Scrabble’, the words in English. What’s up is available on Amazon and Scrabble too. 

Watch video clips and trailers 

Another very useful app to learn languages is FluentU, which will teach you a new language through music videos or movies, news or talks. It is available for iOS and also the web version is available. 

Change the language of your electronic devices

Take advantage of your most loved device Smartphone. Change the language of your smartphone or computer, you can handle with ease being intuitive and you will stay with new concepts, in addition to getting used to the language.

Use recipes 

You can even learn languages by cooking. Find book recipes in the language you want to learn, it will be a good way to learn ingredients and instructions. You may find it useful ‘Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories’, a hamburger recipe book with stories from around the world. It is available on Amazon. 

Label your objects 

Paste tags on all objects in your house with your translation. It is a good way to learn vocabulary.

Read the news 

Read the news in the language you want to learn, and keep a notebook to write down the new words you learn.


Try to talk to natives whenever you can, there is no better way to perfect your mastery of a new language than practising. Try to use Duolingo, an app that allows you to improve your level by talking through your smartphone with native people from all over the world. It is available for Android and iOS. You can also check if there are language exchange groups in your city. You can meet the people who will teach you their language in exchange for you to teach them yours.

Awesome isn’t it? These are the best funniest ways to learn new languages quickly and successfully. I hope this article will help you to learn any language successfully with fluency.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above ways, let us know in the below comment section. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.

Would you like to add your own experiences or any tricks to learn new languages? Then write them for us through contact us page or the in the comment section. We will include them in our article in the next update.

Which language do you want to learn now?



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