Do you know How Much it Costs to Produce a Chapter of Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones
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Not only does it increase its popularity but also the production cost of Game of Thrones is also increasing. Do you know how much it costs HBO to do each GOT chapter of season six?

Production Cost of a Chapter of Game of Thrones: Revealed

There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series of the moment. The seventh season had 30 million viewers in the US alone. But do you know what is behind every epic battle scene? Have you ever wondered how much it costs to produce a chapter of Game of Thrones?

Can you imagine how much would the GOT episode costs? The answer is unimaginable. In the sixth season, each chapter of Game of Thrones had a cost of production of 10 million dollars. This is an increase of $ 4 million per episode compared to the previous seasons, whose price was around 6 million dollars.

Previously the most expensive episode of GOT was ‘Blackwater’, of the second season. It cost $ 8 million, an amount not easily granted to the screenwriters of the series – Dan Weiss and David Benioff. The same explanation that they had to insist enough to get the other 2 million dollars that they were missing.

They describe video conferencing with HBO as ” uncomfortable .” HBO was able to understand that such quantities were necessary for the production of the chapter, and of the 2.5 million dollars they requested, they managed to get 2 million. ” That’s a lot of money on TV, ” admitted Weiss.

The cost of ‘Blackwater’ came as no surprise to the writers. ” A disproportionate amount of our resources were saved for this episode, in terms of time and schedule,” Benioff explained. The effort was worth it since it was one of the most popular chapters of GOT.


Its high cost is more than justified. Just look at one chapter of the famous series: the costumes and the fight sequences do not look exactly cheap. To this is added one of the biggest expenses of GOT: to roll in different parts of the world.

However, some sitcoms reach the cost per chapter of Game of Thrones. This is the case of Friends: each chapter had a budget of between 7 to 10 million dollars, becoming the most expensive series in history. In this case, the high price was due to the salary of the actors. In the last season, the six protagonists of Friends earned a million dollars per episode.

Awesome isn’t it? I was amazed after seeing these numbers for a TV series. The cost of this GOT is beyond my imagination.
We got the information from CNBC and Frames network.
Which episode of Game of Thrones do you like most? Which character of GOT do you like most?