Google Inbox Invite Giveaway For Our Alltop9 Readers

Google Inbox Invite Giveaway For Our Alltop9 Readers

Hi Alltop9 readers, are you trying a way to get Google Inbox to invite? we have seen a tweet from official inbox team yesterday regarding #InboxHappyHour but as per the Indian time it will be around 4:30-5:30 AM ( in between this time, you need to mail [email protected] and can request for an invite ) but it’s too early for us.

Google already released several batches of invites for all the existing users, and yeah we already experienced the Inbox after it’s an initial beta release, we usually don’t post about app reviews, but we are thinking to start this too, let me get to the point. Even today Inbox team released another batch of Invites for all the existing users so they can invite their friends, clients etc to use the Inbox
well. We get many messages in the Alltop9 page regarding whether we have an invite or not? of course we have, but we already gave away several one to our dearest readers in our page ( who are already in our friends’ list ) but we saved a special invite exclusively for our readers, subscribers to

You can join the giveaway by using the widget given below
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update, there is some problem with the widget now, we installed the same in our facebook page, you can find it here

Enter the giveaway in Our Facebook page

Steps to Enter in the Giveaway:

If the widget is not appearing to try this link
  1. Make sure you like our Facebook page If you are an existing user and already like our page, you will get 5 points automatically.
  2. Follow our co-admin on Twitter. She tweets her random thoughts regarding blogging tips, AdSense tips etc in Twitter and doesn’t miss the tweets, and for readers who are new here, you can read our post on Adsense tips which went viral.
  3. Make sure you tweet about the giveaway in your twitter

That’s it, and we will select a random user who completed all the steps and we will officially announce him/her and invite him to the giveaway.

Winner Announcement

We have conducted a Google Inbox Invite Giveaway for one day i.e., from 7-8-2014 to 8-11-2014. So, many of our Alltop9 users have participated actively in this giveaway. Special Thanks to our Co-Admin of All Top 9 Vamsi A for conducting this giveaway and selecting the winner of the contest. I would Like to announce the winner of ALL Top 9 contest, is none other than Ritesh Saini.
Congratulations! Ritesh Saini for participating in this Google inbox invite giveaway and being a winner from a crowd, and please check your inbox for the Inbox invitation.
I Thank everyone who has participated in this giveaway :). Thank you, Everyone, who made this Giveaway successful :).

Sooner one more Giveaway is going to be conducted here regarding AdSense. So, stay tuned to be the winner for the next time.


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