Top 10 GoMovies Alternative Websites To Stream Free Movies

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Disclaimer: Watching movies from these sites may or may not be illegal in your country. Therefore, always check with your local laws before streaming free movies. We have listed these websites for educational purposes only. 

Movies and TV shows are a big part of entertainment today. But, watching movies or TV shows online can cost you precious dollars. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, etc., cost a premium in monthly charges.

Similarly, online movie websites like Vudu, Crackle, IMDB TV, or Peacock TV also charge you for streaming.

Fortunately, some free-to-use websites like GoMovies offer HD quality streaming without charging any monthly fees. But, remember, whenever you are using websites like GoMovies or any GoMovies Alternative, beware of the popups.

Some of them download malware that can compromise your security.

What is GoMovies?

GoMovies is the go-to website for many online streamers. Whether it’s watching online movies, TV shows, documentaries, or similar entertainment media, GoMovies offers plenty of options to keep its users occupied. This website is popular because of its excellent combination of old classics and the latest blockbusters. It has a very user-friendly interface with minimum ads. Oh, and did I say you can watch all the good stuff in high quality without paying any money?

However, GoMovies often finds itself on the chopping block in many countries because of the illegal streaming sources. Sure, you can use several of its mirror or sister sites, but their URL changes so often that remembering their address is an arduous task. So, in this article, we present the best GoMovies alternatives to you.
GoMovies Alternative Websites

Top 10 GoMovies Alternatives

While you can watch free movies on many websites online, these ten websites are just like GoMovies and an excellent alternate for GoMovies.

Solar Movie

SolarMovie is one GoMovies Alternative that offers a similar user experience. You get free access to a massive library of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. Solar Movie is absolutely free to use and requires no sign-up to start watching your favorite stream. Just find your movie, choose a server and start streaming on any device. Beware of the annoying popups, though.

The home page has a very minimalistic interface with a search option in the middle and three buttons for Movies, TV Series, and Featured options. Besides, you can also search by Movie genre, TV genre, country, and release year.

Unfortunately, there’s no age restriction on titles. If you plan to watch something with your kids, we wouldn’t recommend Solar Movie.

Prime Wire

Prime Wire used to be LetMeWatchThis. They later changed their name to 1Channel, and today, the same service has resumed with Prime Wire. If you are a fan of any of its previous variations, don’t expect to see the same interface or the user experience. This is because Prime Wire has gone through an extensive overhaul in the past few years. Now it looks like a totally new website.

The best thing about Prime Wire is that its media player lets you choose between different resolutions. Depending on your net speed, you can select either 360p, 720p, or even 1080p. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of users. Its ads are also not as annoying as you would expect from a “free movies website .”What’s more, you can even download the Prime Wire android app to stream content directly on your smartphone.



FMovies is another excellent alternative to GoMovies. It has a very simple website, minimalistic interface, and massive collection of movies & TV shows. It has been around for a while and has gained quite a following in recent years. The reason is, its interface is very straightforward to follow and looks just like a premium streaming service like Netflix.

In comparison with Solar Movie above, FMovies has a very limited number of servers. So, you are less likely to find your favorite movie or TV title on this website. Not to mention, the ads on here are also very annoying. There are constant popups every time you click somewhere.

Besides that, FMovies is an excellent resource of streamable content free of cost.



VexMovies is an international movie website. You can find all the latest Hollywood films and TV series along with international films. Whether you are a fan of Korean thriller, Italian Crime, Indian drama, or Japanese Anime, you can find all of your favorite stuff on this website. Its content is always up to date.

It has a very organized layout with six tabs on top and a search option in the middle. Besides the Search option, you can also see the “Movies Torrent” button.

To watch a title, all you need to do is click on its thumbnail, select a suitable server (according to your internet speed) and start streaming. There are absolutely no ads or annoying popups on this platform, and the interface is also very easy to navigate.



123Movies has undergone several name changes after being shut down in various regions. GoStream, Me Movies, 123Movies, and 123Movieshub are some popular iterations of the same network of free movies websites. You can find all the latest blockbusters, TV shows along with Anime, and other streamable content on this platform.

It has a very professional-looking homepage with a search option in the middle and six categories on top. Among the top buttons, you can select Home, Genre, Country, TV-Series, Top IMDB, and A-Z List. Besides the main server, 123Movies has an option for half a dozen secondary servers to ensure a title is always available.

CMovies HD


CMovies HD offers Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Indian movies at no cost. Unlike many sites on this list, CMovies HD has remained a popular source of movies without changing a URL for many years. Besides, it has very distinctive features as a CMovies HD proxy, an exclusive members area, and a public forum to discuss anything.
The home page feels very crowded with all the latest titles on top and popular ones on the bottom. All the popular TV shows then follow the list. At the top, there are five buttons for Home, Genre, Year, TV Series, and IMDB. So, you can organize all the titles as per your preferences. While we didn’t notice any popups, make sure you have a popup blocker and a good antivirus program on your computer before you start streaming.

Movie4K, formerly known as is another excellent resource to watch free movies and films like go Movie. In essence, it is a user-contributed video directory for films and TV shows. In the past, has gone through several bans due to copyright infringement allegations. Therefore, they constantly move the URL to circumvent the ban.

In comparison with other Go Movie Alternatives, has a very cluttered homepage. You can find all the latest movies on top. There are also organized by Genre, and you can also search for your preferred title using the search option on top. While the site is 100 % safe, I recommend caution when using different media players for streaming.



YesMovies is another popular alternative when GoMovies is down for a nap. It has a wide range of indie, B-movie, old classics, and the latest blockbuster movies. It has a browser addon via MuckyDuck. Therefore, you can even get YesMovies on your set-top streaming device with the help of Kodi.
The website uses the standard movie layout, and the navigation through content is very straightforward. If you cannot find your movie title on YesMovie, you can even “request” it. However, keep in mind that most of the content on YesMovies is potentially pirated and may land you in legal trouble.



While the name xMovies8 is very similar to a popular pornographic website, rest assured there’s no such content on this platform. It’s a good website to get all the popular movies and TV shows at the tip of your finger. It has the latest titles from the USA, UK, Mexico, and West Germany.

Its homepage is a bit of a mess, though. So navigating through multiple titles can be a bit challenging. You have all the trending movies, latest movies, top IMDB and most viewed, etc., all on the main homepage. Thankfully, the Search tab on the top offers some respite.



GoStream is a clone of 123movies. Because of the similarity in names, GoStream turns out to be an excellent GoMovies alternative whenever the latter is inaccessible. Like 123movies, you can find categories for Genre, Most Viewed, & Top IMDB on the top of the page. There’s also a contact form for any DMCA notice, rare on these streaming sites.

Unfortunately, it has a very limited content database. There are no latest movies. A quick search for the term “Spider-man” reveals only 5 Spiderman movies. Moreover, before you start playing a movie stream, you have to go through dozen of popups, which gets very annoying.

Final Thoughts

These were all the best GoMovies alternative websites to stream your favorite movies and tv shows. You can start streaming with these websites right away, without costing you any money. However, as is the case with most of these free movie websites, the content often comes from third-party sources. It’s considered a copyrights violation in many countries. Furthermore, these GoMovies alternative sites also open several popups and sometimes deploy viruses. Therefore, always use a secure VPN service to protect you.


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