Google announces two new features for AdSense publishers

Google announces two new features for AdSense publishers

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The search engine has announced two new measures linked to its Adsense-targeted ad platform, a new page-level technology and a centre for content publishers to report infringements.

Through an official statement on their blog, Google has released two important new features based on the comments provided by the publishers and focused on compliance with policies. Continue reading to know about the two new features that are announced for AdSense publishers. 

Two new features for AdSense publishers

Google Adsense update 1:

One of the two updates is about the implementation of new page-level policies, which, although guaranteed by the company, will allow them to act faster and more accurately to eliminate ads that violate their policies and reduce “publisher issues”. It is a measure that softens the punishment to the violators and that has arrived loaded with controversy.

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The main novelty of this measure is that, in the past, when a platform violated the rules of use that prohibit, for example, inserting advertisements on pages with pirate content, pornographic content or inciting hate crimes, terrorism or racism, Google deactivated all advertising on the web. However, from now on, it will only do so on the subpage on which the illegal ads are located. 

“We usually remove all ads from a publisher’s site, but as we use page-level policy implementation as the new default mechanism for content violations, we may stop showing ads on selected pages, leaving advertising In the rest of the authorized content of the site, “they said from Google, indicating that they will only penalize sites completely when there are persistent or offensive infringements, even terminating the contractual relationship in these extreme cases.

Google AdSense update 2:

The second novelty, closely related to the first, is the launch of a new Policy Center for publishers using AdSense. This centralised location will address the needs of publishers and the policies that affect their web pages. The goal of this platform is to have more transparency and that publishers can have all the information about detected infringements, including page-level action data to enable them to quickly resolve any eventualities.

In this platform, the publishers will find instructions step by step and can inform Google about the resolution of any issue related to the implementation of the policies, as well as inform when they have the pages ready to be reviewed.