Problems In Google AdSense Are Reported Around The World

Problems In Google AdSense Are Reported Around The World


The dawn of day 1 to day 2 of May has been complicated in the Adsense world. Thousands of publishers have woken up with a number of expected profits practically nil, reassured only by the thousands of tweets of people who ask in social networks whether it is something general or not.


Both earnings and impressions were frozen for several hours in several countries. There are reports of the problem in Spain, Brazil, India, Turkey … the list is endless, and since Google did not report anything for a long time, in fact until now did not indicate where the problem was.

The recovery began a few hours later when the impressions rose again, but the gains did not, so the CPM was falling steadily. When the number of profits began to rise again, it did not recover lost time, so users are still waiting for everything to return to normal while complaining in the networks to have numbers much lower than usual in these hours.

Some users have already seen a Google ad, official, in their AdWords account (Google Ads), indicating that the numbers of day 30 and day 1 are incorrect, but there is no detail on how that is affecting the AdSense accounts in general, nor about the situation during day 2.

Some experts think that the situation could take several hours to normalize since the values ​​of millions of accounts that, at this moment, have CPMs completely out of the ordinary should be corrected.

It is not the first time that Google Adsense suffers problems causing “heart attacks” among its users, so it is recommended to wait, have patience, and stop pressing F5 in the browser.

Even I am facing this issue. Let us see how it goes by the end of the day.

If you are facing the same issue, share them in the below comment box.


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