12 Best of All Google Assistant Tips to get the Most Out of It

12 Best of All Google Assistant Tips to get the Most Out of It

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Do you use Google Assistant regularly? Then these tips are for you. As we all know, Google Assistant can be used on Android smartphones.

12 Best of All Google Assistant Tips to Get the Most Out of It

With these Google Assistant tips, you can get the most out of the digital aid.


Google Assistant Tips

Meanwhile, we can work with the assistant on almost all modern Android devices.

To do this you have to put the language of your device into English because Google Assistant still does not speak few languages.  Then you just have to hold down the home button at the bottom of the screen and you can get started.

1. Say good morning

Start your morning well with a summary for the next day. Say “good morning” and Google Assistant will tell you what the weather will be like, what the trip to your work looks like, when you have the next appointment and what the news is.

To set the different parts of this daily briefing, go to the settings menu of Google Assistant and choose ‘My Day’.

2. Set a different name

You can indicate how Google Assistant should name you. You can do this in two different ways. You can say “call me [name]” or you can go to the settings menu of the app, choose your account there, or scroll down and choose “Personal info”. Tap Nickname to fill in your own chosen name. Here you can also directly adjust your home and work location.

3. Continue

Google Assistant is particularly good at keeping conversations. This means that you can simply ask about a topic.

For example, if you ask a trivia question about a known person, you can then ask questions about that person without mentioning his/her name. First, ask yourself how old Sachin Tendulkar is, then you do not have to ask “how many records does Sachin Tendulkar have”, but only “how many records does he have” or “show me pictures” if you want to see pictures of Sachin.

4. Start your entertainment


Google Assistant can start your entertainment in various ways. For example, by searching for a specific artist on Spotify, but you can also ask for a genre.

For example “play some jazz in Spotify”. Starting a series or movie on Netflix does not always work well. For example, “play Luke Cage on Netflix” sends us directly to the right page, but “play Iron Fist on Netflix” does not. Of course, YouTube works well. “Play Beauty and the Beast trailer on YouTube”, for example, works directly.

5. Start all kinds of Android functions

Google Assistant can be your starting point to reach all kinds of Android features. For example, you can call someone by saying “call [name]” or set an alarm with “set an alarm for [time]”.

Messages can be sent by saying “text [name]” and navigation can be found via “navigate to [location]“. You can also open any app on your device by saying “open [app name]”.

6. Stay informed

Ask Google Assistant what the latest news is “What’s the news?”. For this, first, you have to select some news sources. To do this go to the settings menu of Google Assistant and choose ‘News’. Here you can add or remove sources.

 You can also ask for specific news, via “what’s the news about [subject]”. The current weather is also easy to recall. Ask “do I need an umbrella?” And you know immediately whether you have to bring an umbrella today.

7. Translate everything

If you want to translate something quickly, Google Assistant can help with that. You only need to say “[word or phrase] in [language]”, for example, “where’s the restaurant in Hindi” or “hello in Tamil”.

8. Go out

Tell Google Assistant that you are hungry and restaurants near you are recommended, including user reviews. Tap an option and you will get all contact details.

Say you want to watch a movie and Google Assistant looks at what is happening in your area.

9. Start a game

You can play a quiz with Google Assistant. All you have to say is “I’m feeling lucky” and you can start.

You will be asked how many players will participate, after which everyone will automatically receive a nickname. The quiz is fairly varied, with for example trivia questions, but also audio questions. Are you losing? There is always time for a rematch.

Ask Google Assistant to play a game and you’ll get even more games to play alone or with the assistant. A row of games can be found under each category so that you never have to be bored at all. If you say “I’m bored” you can also get a nice fact, a poem, or a nice quote.


10. Ask for a joke

Do you want to laugh, or do you need a quick joke to tell others? Then ask “tell me a joke” and hopefully Google Assistant will make you laugh. Not every joke, however, is a success.


11. Throw a coin

If you have an argument about who can start something, then throwing a coin is the way to solve it. But who still has cash on hand today?

By saying “toss a coin”, Google Assistant throws a virtual coin. Including sound effects!

12. Ask as many random questions as possible

Google Assistant can answer many random questions. On the screen, you can see a list of options when you greet Google Assistant. Here you can scroll through and choose what. You can also try it yourself.

For example, by asking what the assistant’s favorite Pokémon is and what she thinks of Siri or Alexa. Is there someone’s birthday? Then “sing happy birthday” is an option. And otherwise “sing a song” also works.

Do you have more tips for Google Assistant? Let us know in the comments below.

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