This way Google Maps shows Stations and Subway lines

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Google Maps no longer only shows maps of cities and roads or the state of traffic. Now it shows the stations and subway lines of some cities, which will be progressively expanded.

This way, users will be able to plan their route using public transport in Google Maps, which will offer us the quickest combination to reach our destination. In this way, Google also supports the many users who do not use the private vehicle for their journeys.


How to view the Stations and Subway lines in Google Maps

This is how we can see the subway lines and Station in Google Maps. Awesome isn’t it?

Metro lines in red on Google Maps


Until now, Google only offered information on the status of the metro stops. Now it also appears the route of the different lines of each city.

To visualise it, zoom in the plane of the city. They appear in red tone with a transparency so that it is easy to identify the rest of information that appears on the map.

Google continues to work on the project and plans to offer future plans for subway stations in the future. In fact, this feature is already available in some cities like New York (USA) or the Japanese Shinjuku, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka or Tanukikoji.

They are not the only news on Google Maps. After letting us share our location with the contacts or save the location of where we parked the car, it is expected that soon air information about the air quality.



The stations and subway lines have already started appearing in some cities and will be extended to the rest in the coming weeks.

Use Google Maps Offline on iOS/Android Devices without Internet

This is all about viewing the Subway lines and Metro stations in the Google Maps. Day-by-day our Technology is reaching heights to the Sky. I personally appreciate all the people who are developing and the users who are supporting them.

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