Most Important Ranking Factors for Google in 2023

Most Important Ranking Factors for Google in 2023

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SEO is a constantly evolving science and requires dedication, hard work, and knowledge to reach heights of success. Each year, Google renews and implements new changes in its algorithms to improve the performance of its search engines and make them increasingly human and accurate. Improving the experience of its users and subtracting importance from other factors that were once key in positioning.

To know the most important SEO factors and practices when it comes to ranking your website in the almighty king of search engines, it is worth attending to the recent SEMrush global survey. The research is based on the maximum reach achieved by more than 600,000 keywords belonging to different databases. Using its own tools such as the machine learning algorithm dubbed “Random Forest,” this report looks at how various factors influence Google’s website ranking.

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The purpose of the research was to investigate the consistent guidelines in the ranking mechanism that may be useful to the SEO community around the world. On-page factors, backlink profiles, and traffic data were analyzed on each page. As a result, SEMrush has published the top 12 in order of importance.

Factors that influence the ranking of your website according to SEMrush

According to the SEMrush study, these are the main factors that influence the ranking of our website in 2023.

Let us see what are all those factors.

The number of visits

The number of visits is the most important factor to rank your website. Those platforms with higher authority receive more traffic and therefore are much more likely to appear in the first Google search results.

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User behavior dictates

According to the SEMrush study, the user’s behavior is important, such as the length of time spent on the website, are also fundamental in the website authority, and therefore influence the ranking of our website. Pages per visit and rebound rate are also important.

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The number of referring domains 

The number of referring domains is also an important indicator of the authority of a web page, which influences the ranking along with the factors mentioned above.

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Long and complete contents

From SEMrush they point to an undoubted correlation between the length or extension of the content and the positioning in the search results. In this way, pages with more extensive content generally have a higher rank for all search volume ranges.

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HTTPS Security Protocol

Google claims that the security of the website represented by the implementation of HTTPS is fundamental but does not influence too much as a factor in this ranking according to the results of the study. In our country, there is still much to improve in this matter, as we told you a few months ago.

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Keywords, downhill and without brakes 

The influence of factors mentioned often in previous studies such as the insertion of keywords in the body, title, and goal, as well as the density of keywords and the use of videos on a page resulted in ranking our website. Be insignificant, so it can currently be dismissed as major ranking factor.

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These are the factors that influence our blog rankings in 2023.

I hope this article helped you to know more about Google ranking factors.

Thanks to SEMrush for their study over a number of keywords.

If you have done any research with Google ranking factors, let us know in the below comments. We will include them in our article with good research.

If you have any queries, write them in the below comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.

What do you think is the most important factor that influences our website rankings?