Google steps up war on password with Smart Lock, Fingerprint scanner and Project Vault

Google steps up war on password with Smart Lock, Fingerprint scanner and Project Vault

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Now-a-days everyone came into online world and almost every conversation is made online. Every individual will have a unique password and by using his/her own password can unlock his/her Email ID or any other account. But, if once our password is theft or if it is hacked? What is the position of our account? Who are responsible for this? As the number of passwords a consumer needs to conduct his/her digital life continues to grow, so does the very real risk of identity theft, fraud or hacking. For, this reason Google came up with a war on Password in a way to protect our passwords with 3 different ways. Google is setting out with three different pronged attack. These 3 pronged attack could consign the text based password to the annals of tech history, mini discs, standalone mp3 players and VHS videos. Typing passwords in Google could soon be a thing of the past.
Let us discuss those three ways which helps in protecting our passwords. Three methods are

  • Smart Lock Passwords
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Project Vault

Smart Lock Passwords

The first and foremost step is a best new feature called Smart Lock Passwords. It’s been a developer tool for some time and now it is live for all of us and can make use of it. This Smart Lock Passwords is used to enable the services that require a login to be tied to a person’s Google Account.
Another best thing is a type of Password Manager. Password Manager allows users to store login details for any other apps and services within their Google Account. This works in a way like, if you login into your Google account, you are automatically logged into everywhere else i.e., another apps too which ever account passwords are saved in Google account. This works only with the Chrome browser on a desktop or with the apps on an Android smartphone, tablet or on the upcoming TV too.

Fingerprint Scanner

The second way so called Fingerprint Scanner was announced at the Google I/O developer conference on Frieday and Uses getting to know an individuals as a means of validation. Every once has their own different speech patterns, typing styles and ways of tapping or swiping.
When Google monitors and uses them for authentication, they are 10 times far better and more secure than a fingerprint scan. They are not intrusive and for those who are concerned about giving the company even more data, everything would be done on the device itself for the security. This is just like the Touch ID and payment validation systems on Apple’s latest iphones.
The text and symbols to remember, authentication would be completely natural and impossible to theft or fake, no matter how intelligent a hacker is. During her presentation, Googl’s Regina Dugan said that “the system was already functioning but wasn’t coming just yet. However, the company is investing heavily in its development, partnering with 16 other institutions to speed up development and testing.

Project Vault

The third and final prong and very interesting is something called Project Vault. A secure computer the size of a micro SD card, it can be integrated into devices. So,  a computer within a computer – to ensure that communications can’t be hacked or data hijacked. And it has 4GB of storage, too. This is already being tested by businesses and it will be heading to enterprises first, but Dugan said that a consumer version is definitely in the works, too. – AFP/Relaxnews, June 2, 2015.