15 Company Logos that Have Hidden Messages (and you probably did not know)

15 Company Logos that Have Hidden Messages (and you probably did not know)


Not everything is what it seems, and the symbols of the brands, either. Many logos of well-known companies hide subliminal messages that we reveal to you.

For decades, BMW workers thought that the symbol’s blade lived up to the brand’s past as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. The white parts would represent propellers in motion and the blue ones, the sky. Everything fits, and even so, the story is not true, as the New York Times discovered.

Although the history of the logo was told in the history books of the company, in reality, the white and blue pictures of the BMW logo were taken from the flag of the Free State of Bavaria.

In the same way, the logos of many well-known companies have a hidden story, images, and meanings. The initials that form drawings, the designs that hide acronyms or that discover subliminal messages are the day to day in the world of advertising, but how many stories of the following logos you already knew?

15 Company Logos that Have Hidden Messages (and you probably did not know)

Let us see all the 15 company logos and their hidden meaning of the design.

1. Beats


The logo of the well-known Beats headphones is not only a tiny ‘B’ but the head of a person with their helmets on (in profile).

2-3. Quiksilver


This is one of the easiest to recognize: the Quiksilver logo symbolizes a wave hitting a mountain. But it is not a simple wave, it is the iconic image ‘The great wave of Kanagawa’.


And who had noticed that the Roxy symbol consists of two Quicksilver logos facing each other?

4. Audi


The four circles that make up the Audi logo represent each of the four companies that merged to create the brand: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.

5. LG


The face that appears on the LG logo is formed with the letters of the brand, illustrating the ‘L’ one nose and the ‘G’ the rest of the face. Some people are reminded of the video game symbol Pacman.

6. Toyota


In the Toyota symbol all the letters that make up your name are collected, from ‘T’ to ‘A’.

7. Carrefour


Carrefour in French means “crossroads”, and that’s why its logo shows two arrows pointing to different directions. The space between the two arrows forms a ‘C’ of Carrefour.

8. Coca-Cola


In some cases, there are hidden messages in some logos that are the result of coincidence. In the Cola-Cola logo, there is a Danish flag between the ‘O’ and the ‘L’, and the brand has used it to promote itself in the country, even if it is not there in a premeditated way.

9. Galeries Lafayette


The typography used by the Lafayette galleries give it an undoubtedly French touch, but the font also honours its French origins: the iconic Eiffel Tower appears on the logo represented by the two letters ‘T’ of ‘Lafayette’.

10. VAIO


The initials ‘VA’ of VAIO, now independent of Sony, are displayed so that they look like an analog signal, and the last two letters, ‘IO’, to represent the numbers 1 and 0, a symbol of the digital signal.

11. Toblerone


Toblerone brand of chocolates comes from Bern, in Switzerland, also known as ‘The city of bears’. And who is hiding in the mountain of the logo?

12. FedEx


FedEx promoted its speed and precision when delivering parcels more than you can think, and insist on this concept by “hiding” an arrow between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’.

13. Amazon


The yellow arrow of the Amazon logo points from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, looking to represent the variety of items offered by the online store. It also looks like a smile, as a symbol of customer satisfaction.

14. Hyundai


It does not look like it at first sight, but the Hyundai H are two people shaking hands, dependent and customer, the gesture that takes place after the sale of a car.

15. The tour of France


The yellow circle in the Tour the France logo not only resembles a sun in midsummer, it also represents the wheel of a bicycle, and the letter ‘R’ of ‘Tour’ has been designed to look like a cyclist.

Isn’t cool? I hope this article helps you to increase your general knowledge. If you have any other queries regarding the above logos let us know them in the below comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.


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