Hide Sensitive Photos And Videos In Your iPhone/iPad

Hide Sensitive Photos And Videos In Your iPhone/iPad

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No doubt that everyone who uses smartphones likely has a few photos and videos they do not want others to see, whether they are embarrassing selfies, poorly filtered or edited photos or personal paperwork or anything else in the field of private photos. Those pictures can make an awkward experience if they were shown to others.

Ways and Trick to Hide Sensitive Photos And Videos In Your iPhone/iPad

For those people who are worrying about the trick of hiding photos and videos, Apple has introduced an option of hiding selected photos in the version iOS 8 and above version. For this, the photo hiding feature must be enabled individually for each photo. Note this feature is available only to iOS 8 and above versions, and though we’re going to focus on the iPhone here, it works the same on the iPad and iPod touch too.

Hide Photos & Videos In iPhone Without Using Any App:

The secret feature of iPhone lets you hide the desired photos to a hidden folder and those photos will never be seen in the photo gallery of your iPhone. Follow the below steps.
1. First, open the Photos app.
2. Tap on Camera Roll to select the photos.
3. Open the photo which you want to hide by tapping on it.
4. Now tap and hold a photo (or multiple photos) you want to hide.
5. Now the submenu appears and just tap on the Hide option.
6. As soon as you tap on ‘Hide’ option, a menu will pop-up with two options: Hide and Cancel → Tap on Hide option.
7. That photo(s) will be added to the hidden folder.

Unhide Photos & Videos In iPhone:

1. Open Photos app on your iPhoneTap on Camera Roll → Select photos or videos you want to unhide.
2. Now tap on the Share button.
3. Now tap on Unhide from the lower menu.
You are done un-hiding your Photos and Videos.
Here, it’s important to understand ‘how the hide photo function works’: the photo(s) are hidden from the camera roll, Moments, Collections, and Year view, but are still visible in a photo album not-so-discretely called “Hidden”. But, this method does not completely hide the photos instead, it relocates the photos to the hidden folder. So, a person who knows much about the iPhone, he/she can easily find the hidden folder and see your private photos.
For the high privacy of the private stuff, you will need to install few apps. Well, there are many other tricks and apps using which you can smartly hide all your photos and video in your iPhone.

Best Apps to Hide Sensitive Photos And Videos In Your iPhone:

Secret Photo & Video Calculator:

As the name itself implies that the software appears as an innocent looking calculator and appears labelled as Calculator and no one can ever get the truth behind this magical app. Even, there is no chance that a person will ever get any clue about what is inside this app. First, download and install the app. You will be asked to punch a Calculator Lock or Dot Lock or Password Lock or Touch ID. So, set the passcode of your choice.
Now, you can add any photo(s) or video(s) to the app and whenever you want to see the hidden photos or videos just open the app and enter your passcode followed by ‘%’. Secret Photo & Video Calculator can also store hidden notes, contact information, and browser bookmarks.

Note: The number of images you can hide with this app free version is limited. So, for unlimited hiding, you will have to purchase the paid version of it. It is also important to mention that hidden images can only be shared or exported with the paid version of the app.

Secure Photo+Video Vault:

Secure Photo+video vault is one of the great apps for hiding photos and videos in your iPhone. On the other hand, the software doesn’t limit your ability to export hidden images, and the built-in slideshow mode can be very convenient in certain cases. The app limits the number of images you can hide, but the restriction can be lifted by purchasing the full version of the app. Doing so will also disable the advertisements.
The app owns a lot more great features.

  • You can set dock lock, password lock or Touch ID to manage and create all the folders containing your media files.
  • You can easily create, cut, delete, rename, hide, search folders quite easily.
  • You can also create admin as well as decoy user account to protect your real privacy.
  • You can email photos and videos from the app.

Overall it works quite well.

HiFolder Lite:

This app works in a similar fashion by storing your private images locally in its password-protected vault. The app also provides you login report by snapping the intruder’s photo and GPS location. One of the good features of this app is to make all the files and folders invisible.
As the previous two apps, there’s a limit on the number of files you can store using the app’s free version, and it stands at 30 pictures and 5 videos. Get the app’s Pro version to lift the limitation.
These are few best ways or apps to hide your private photos and videos in iPhone/iPad. So, which method do you like? If there are any queries, please let us know in the comments section below.
Which method or app do you use to hide your photos and videos in your iPhone?