Highly Anticipated Online Games for 2021

Highly Anticipated Online Games for 2021

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From a gaming standpoint, 2020 didn’t disappoint. The first year of a new, exciting decade brought an array of much-loved titles, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Call of Duty: Warzone, Cyberpunk 2077, Fall Guys, The Last of Us Part II, and many more.

Highly Anticipated Online Games

While, of course, gamers won’t be leaving those titles behind, players can look forward to a whole host of action-packed games in 2021. So, let’s overview some of the best.

Piggy Bank Farm

Within modern-day society, the world of gaming has expanded far beyond traditional consoles. As such, online titles like Piggy Bank Farm will undoubtedly thrive in 2021. Listed under the newly released games at www.genesiscasino.com/en-in, the five-reel development features alongside other popular creations, like Augustus, Silverback Multiplier Mountain, and Sylvan Spirits. Released on December 29th, 2020, Piggy Bank Farm epitomizes Genesis Casino’s desire to host the latest online slots.

Although it became available in the final days of 2020, the title will undoubtedly enjoy success in 2021. Piggy Bank Farm is the last release from Play’n Go in 2020, who fulfilled their promise to create 52 games over the past year. The 50-payline creation sits in front of a farm backdrop and incorporates hammer symbol features that trigger Piggy Bank spins.

Halo Infinite

Since November 2001, the Halo franchise has been one of the best-selling series of the 21st century. Thankfully for gamers, the wait for a new Halo release comes to an end in 2021. Aside from Halo: Fireteam Raven and Halo Recruit, which were arcade and VR titles, respectively, Halo Wars was the last console development in the franchise, and it hit the shelves in February 2017. Regarding Halo Infinite, the title will be released on both the Xbox Series X and S during Fall 2021.

As always, the franchise’s latest development will feature a single-player mode, but a greater emphasis will be put on multiplayer gameplay. Halo Infinite is the third chapter of the much-loved Reclaimer Saga, and the Master Chief will now face more advanced enemies. In relation to the title’s online mode, Infinite will be available to play at up to 120 frames per second. Not only that, but the multiplayer experience will also be free to play.

Hitman 3

After a three-year wait, 2021 will see the return of the much-loved Hitman series. Scheduled for release in January 2021, the title will be the third and final installment of the modern-day Hitman trilogy. Hitman 3 will follow Agent 47 across various new locations as he seeks to eliminate the partners of Providence, as per https://screenrant.com.

Unlike Halo Infinite, Hitman 3 will predominantly focus on single-player gameplay. However, IO Interactive hasn’t shied away from integrating multiplayer modes. Although 1v1 Ghost Mode will no longer be available, Contract Modes still incorporates online elements. The feature allows for multiplayer gameplay, but only from a comparative leaderboard standpoint.

An Online-Heavy Year Awaits

After the release of next-gen consoles in November 2020, 2021 will be a significant year for developers. In turn, this may lead to the creation of forward-thinking titles, many of which focus on online features. The above examples each incorporate internet-powered modes in different ways, and this showcases the multiplayer direction that modern-day gaming is heading in.


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