Professional Gamers Salary: How Much Do They Make?

Professional Gamers Salary: How Much Do They Make?

Life of a Pro Gamer

How Much Do Pro Gamers Make: The Truth Revealed

Recent developments in the video gaming industry prove that it’s a viable career, one that involves quite a handsome amount of remunerations. Gaming has become a lucrative profession. However, as more and more people continue to opt for gaming as a career, the competition is getting amped up.

Because of this competition and relative newness of the profession, people often ask how much do pro gamers make? The answer varies depending on the level of expertise. An average pro gamer can go as high as $60K a year. But, if you are really really pro, you can make millions (no joke!) per year along with other benefits such as sponsorships, marketing, prizes, free travel arrangement, and much more.

If you want to pursue this career path, you need to remember that only passion isn’t enough. You will have to improve your gaming skills as well.

How do professional gamers earn money?

eSports Gaming Tourney


Video game streaming is a major income source for many pro gamers. They are earning an extra up to 7K USD a month just by live-streaming their games. Some go a different route and offer commentary on how they played, or love to play with different characters. Still, others create online gaming tutorials, tips, and tricks to help newbies master their game.

By simply handling their social media presence, pro gamers earn huge sums. Live video streaming also improves their repute online as more people see how they play different games.

With that many income streams, it becomes quite apparent that professional video gaming has turned into a real sports career. Like any other professional field, if you become an expert gamer, you can earn a lot in this profession in a very short time.




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Many companies around the world love to sponsor professional video gamers. Various companies that manufacture products like energy drinks, digital gadgets, and computer accessories normally love to pay a handsome amount as sponsorship. As per the sponsorship agreement, gamers are then required to use and promote their products whenever they are participating in a game or out in the public on a regular day.

This is why whenever you see a player in the field, they have a shirt/jacket full of different logos. Besides regular salaries, these sponsors give cash bonuses and all other types of rewards for their expenses during the tournament. They also offer other forms of freebies such as free vacations to exotic locations, free supplies, and whatnot. That’s why they require strong visibility of their brand from the player whenever they are in the public eye.

Regular Salaries

Besides the prize money, many professional teams get a monthly stipend. Several companies provide this opportunity. And the best thing is, over the years, the regular salary has been on the rise. Based on an survey, professionals get between 1000 to 5000 USD a month as a fixed salary. Better companies pay even better packages – as high as $15000. This is apart from the regular prize money they can get by winning games or getting sponsors.

Regular salary depends on several different factors. For instance, a gamer must have an excellent track record of winning games. The more wins they have under their belt, the better value they can get. What’s more, professional tournament players usually have a very high social fan following, making them brand ambassadors of their companies. This means, they can get better sponsors, hence more money starts flowing towards them.


After every win, pro gamers get some form of a bonus from their company or sponsors. In case their team wins, they get a special mention in online forums, gaming communities, and digital video gaming channels. It creates extra mileage for the company they represent. Professional gamers can get bonuses as high as 20K USD per single tournament.

Prize Money

Their primary income source is, of course, prize money. Top prizes in the US alone can reach up to $0.2M for a single game in the tournament. In comparison, several international competitions offer over a million dollars for a single win. This amount is divided equally among the members of the winning team.

A professional player must win at least one major event in order to be called a pro gamer.

What Are The Important Skills That You Should Have To Get A High Salary?

eSports Career

Becoming a pro gamer is no easy feat. You need to spend hours pushing through different challenges a game throws at you. Below are the top skills that are considered a must-have for any professional gamer. If you want to be one of them, develop the ones you are lacking.


While solo gaming is fun in its own right, professionals prefer teamwork. They are always playing with real people against real opponents. If you are on top of your game, you can play on any team. This is because everyone knows only a strong team wins the competition. As a team player, you need to think of ways to uplift other team members and help them bring to the best of their abilities. Plus, everyone has a unique talent. As a team player, you are expected to make the most use of their unique abilities. So, that all of you come together and form a stronger team.


Gone are the days when awkward and shy gamers used to shine. This is the era of self-confident gamers. They ooze confidence while making quick decisions in split seconds and always come on top of their game. By just watching them play, you can notice how much confidence and trust they have in their game. Therefore, you need that self-confidence to become a pro gamer.


Focus on your immediate goals and objectives. If you can focus, you can be more attentive and bring your A-game to the play every time you sit down to have a go. This way you will be much closer to conquering the gaming world. An easy strategy to develop your focus is meditation. It helps your mind stay clear of the distractions and stay in the moment. Exactly what you need to become a professional player.

Decision Making

eSports is a highly competitive game. Being a pro player, you are expected to make decisions as quickly as possible. There’s always a clock ticking. Sometimes, you have split seconds to decide a move that may win you a game or lose it entirely. Quick thinking and decision-making abilities don’t come in a day. It usually takes a considerable period of time.


Motivation is the most critical skill for any gamer. Your will to be successful at a game depends largely on your ability to motivate yourself in the short as well as long run. There will be times when you will win games without much effort. Then, there will be times when you will fail miserably no matter how hard you try. So, you will need all the motivation you have to push through those dark days.

Moreover, despite losing several games, you will need the motivation to come back stronger. It’s not easy to play the same game over and over again for 7 days a week. You should have the same excitement and love for the game as you had the first time you played that game.

Unlike what most people think, motivation is pretty easy to build. Think about why you want to do this, why you want to become a professional gamer, and what you can achieve by becoming one. Perhaps it’s for financial security. Perhaps you want to travel the world or make your gamer dad proud. Whatever your reason, you should have a clear vision of why you are doing this and go from there.

Mental Toughness

The gaming industry can be harsh sometimes. We often hear about players breaking down in the middle of a game or even during the preparation of a game. You need a tough mind to push through the hard days and keep playing. In addition, the competitive pressure also gets to the head – especially for those who are struggling to maintain their top position. Sponsors and fan expectations can also add to the pressure.


Dexterity is more of a physical attribute. It comes with physical training. As a pro gamer, you need the best hand-eye coordination you can get. Gaming involves a lot of typing and clicking. You should be able to do it as fast as you can by making as minimal errors as possible.

Personal Development

The road to becoming a pro gamer is a transformative one. You often hear the stories of how a gamer started in their basement spending hours in front of a screen. Instead of comparing yourself with others, focus on your own personal development. This way you can have a better and more positive gaming experience.

You need a majority of these skills to have a shot at pro gaming. Coaches often spot these skills very easily in up-and-coming players. This is because these skills reflect on your gaming performance. The more of these skills you have better will be your chances of getting a good salary package.

How Glamorous the Life of a Top Professional Gamer

Rise of eSports Gaming

Short answer? Much!

In the USA, usually, the companies sponsor entire teams to stay together in a mansion at some exotic location. Once there, each player has their own room, fully serviced with chefs, chauffeurs, and cleaners. So that they don’t have to think about anything else except gaming.

They get complete access to world-class medical facilities. Besides, physical trainers are available round the clock to ensure players are getting plenty of physical and mental training. So much so, that it is becoming one of the common complaints of pro gamers that they didn’t expect so much physical training.

Furthermore, before starting their tenure, players usually get a hefty paycheck as their signing bonus. It can be as high as 50K USD. This is why players often change their teams once their contract is over.

Another advantage is that they get pampered by their sponsors. They never run out of supplies or worry about equipment breakdown/shortage. That is why heaps of energy drinks and other computer gaming accessories are common sights in a pro gamer mansion.

No wonder why every kid these days wants to become a professional gamer. They want to build a career in a field that they know and love. Plus, they can have a lot of fun while making a good amount of money to maintain a luxury lifestyle.


Sure, top players earn thousands every year. But the reality is, only a few reach that level of success – just like any other sports. Industry favors the winners only. If you want to aim for the top, there is no shortcut. You need to train as hard as you can and develop the skills mentioned above.

Most importantly, financial rewards start flowing once a professional team signs you up. So, as an up-and-coming professional gamer, you need to ensure that recruiters in the industry know you and your work. If they know you, they can see your gameplay and consider you for their teams.


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