How to Outsmart Email Spammers and Keep Your Inbox Spam-Free

How to Outsmart Email Spammers and Keep Your Inbox Spam-Free

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In one way or another, spam always seems to end up coming to our inbox, no matter how little we use the account and how careful we are. Where do spammers get our email? Is there any way to protect our email?

The spam email is a common evil in most of our inboxes, either it is Gmail or Outlook or other. That is, spammers are experts in finding us. But, how do they get those? How can we know? What can we do? This article gives you all the answers to all the questions you have. Just continue reading.


Knowing how spammers get our Email ID is used to protect us from them. Of course, sometimes it does not depend on us and our way of navigating, so it is difficult to block all those annoying emails completely. Next, we will see how actually these spammers are trying to get our personal Email ID.

How Spammers Get Your Email ID

Let us see what are the techniques that spammers use to get hold of our email account, and what we can do about it:

Tracking emails in public places

Be careful where you reveal your Email ID. Spammers sometimes track comments or posts that mention an email account and collect them. Giving an Email ID means you are giving your personal information to them. They will have a lot of ways to know who you are with just your Email ID as Internet has a lot of tools and sources. So it’s better to use a fake ID in public places, until and unless it is important to use your personal ID.

Fake ID is nothing but it does not contain any of your personal details. While your personal ID does.

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Through links and photos

When we receive an unwanted Email many times we click on a link to unsubscribe for example; This is fine when it is a trustworthy company, but if the mail looks suspicious it is important that you do not access that link. The only thing that will cause is that the company notes that your email account is active and then they will send more and more spam emails to your active account. The same goes for photos: Uploading image is equivalent to loading more spam.

Be aware before clicking on any link or a photo because sometimes it leads to hacking.

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Purchasing mailing lists

Few people mess with the personal data of other people. Spammers sometimes buy email lists and save all the data; they even sometimes exchange information with each other.

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Data Leak

Many large companies have been victims of data leaks, from Adobe and LinkedIn to Yahoo and Sony. Spammers get access to the clients’ account, their names and their e-mail, data that they include in a list to send all that unwanted mail. This method is the most common and is quite moving the rest, which already occurs less frequently. There is nothing much you can do to protect yourself besides choosing a good password and try not to use it for several email accounts.

Security Tips

  • Do not give your Email ID in public places (Shopping malls, Internet Cafe, etc).
  • Always use an incognito mode to save your privacy, because when you login via normal mode, there is a chance of saving your password though you have logged out from your account.
  • Never ever access public free Wi-Fi, it is very dangerous where they can easily hack your personal details (Railway Stations, Cafes, etc).
  • Always keep strong Passwords to your Email ID.
  • Keep changing your password and increase more security.
  • Enable 2-step verification so that if any other person is trying to access your Email Account, you will be receiving an OTP to your mobile number.

These are the common security tips we should always keep in our mind to protect our data and security. I hope this article will help you to protect your Email ID’s and your personal data from the spammers. If you have any queries regarding the above explanation, let us know them in the below comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

Do you know any other security tips to protect our personal ID and data from spammers? Share them with us in the comment box.