SEO Boosting Technique: How to Properly Add No-Follow Tags

How To Add Nofollow Tag To A Link For SEO
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How To Add Nofollow Tag To A Link For SEO: Comment backlinks right there in the article. There is special importance of using NoFollow Tags in the articles.

If you don’t want your domain authority or link juice to pass by, you can add a no-follow link to your article. But in case, when you want your domain authority or link juice to pass by, the do-follow link will have to be added. In this article, we will be talking about nofollow and dofollow. And, how you can add nofollow to a link in WordPress.How To Add Nofollow Tag To A Link For SEO

How To Add Nofollow Tag To A Link For SEO

So, whenever we add a hyperlink in a blog post, for example in an article on the internet, if you have linked out to any other website. All these hyperlinks when we are linking out to a good reliable and trusted the website, it’s always a good idea to keep them dofollow. By default, WordPress keeps all the outgoing links as dofollow. And it’s very good practice, you should always keep dofollow.

But, there are situations whenever you are writing a piece of content and you have to cite a source from some spammy website or you have to link to certain websites which are not reliable, where you don’t want to pass your link juice. So, you add a nofollow tag in that. Do Google officially says they don’t take account of the no-follow tag. But, in reality, it’s always a good practice to use new holotype of such links. For example, if we are linking out to a hacking website which is not very trusted by the various website.

We would use a nofollow tag or if we are using an affiliate link in our blog post again. It’s a good idea to use them. Use as nofollow tags. So here, in this article, we are pretty quickly going to show you how you can add nofollow tag. So, one way of doing it is – you add a link and then you go to HTML mode and Arielle is going to nofollow@domain name. It’s quite easy. But again, who else to do that.

We mean, we are using WordPress and we want to use a plugin for everything. And, so in WordPress, there is a plugin called ultimate nofollow. That’s a plugin. It’s a very useful Plugin, what it does, it adds a very tiny box here in the insulting insert link option. So, when you are adding a link, you can add Ultimate Nofollow to no-follow tag to the outgoing link. At the same time, you can also go to the HTML code and see what code now it looks like with NoFollow Plugin.

So, now this link is followed and now another very useful feature about this plugin is you can also make all your comment links as nofollow. Which we believe is a very good practice at times especially when you are getting too many blog comments and you don’t want to pass link juice. Because, some of the comments are very useful, some of the comments are just for the sake of spamming and moreover you want to link out to the links which are mentioning in the blog post.

So, what you will do, go to settings, nofollow and you will keep this box checked by default. It’s always a good idea to keep it checked. And then we need to go to the settings page. It’s different for every web page. But, it’s something along the lines of the page source. So, view page or source page and now it’s going to look very intimidating to us. That looks like a big mess too.

But, we recopy the link so all we have to do is go the CTRL+F and paste the links so that you can find the one very easily. So, ultimately, there is a very bid difference between NoFollow and Dofollow link. So, right here, we are looking for a website to check if the links are dofollow or the links are nofollow. The moment says nofollow means like it tells Google that doesn’t follow this link. We don’t know who the link goes to We will explain about that in-depth in a second.

But, let’s look for this no relevance. First up there, it’s we see nofollow. You will find it written there that target equals blank and rel=nofollow. This tells Google, don’t send them my powerful PageRank. We don’t know this website. Same goes for Pinterest. So keep all these things in mind, now you could integrate these yourselves. Because, if you link to a place that has sketchy content, or a place where you don’t trust. That could affect your website because the moment you link to somebody, it means that you vouch for that website.

So, it’s like saying, we approve of this website. We are setting our PageRank, whatever may be to him or her or them. But, let’s just imagine that the website has a Virus or a website has Pornography content or the website has something very bad, whatever it may be, whatever is classified as bad by Google. That thing you and Google could remove you from Search Results and that could be very bad too, so to protect yourself when you are composing posts. You cannot see it here. So, in a visual, when you are typing a link to say You have to go into or maybe you can see us we are using WordPress, by how we are using Plugin to nofollow the outgoing links.

Even after reading this in-depth guide on How To Add Nofollow Tag To A Link For SEO, still, if you are facing any questions and problems in regard with How To Add Nofollow Tag To A Link For SEO, just make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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