5 Tips On How To Be A Better Waiter In 2022

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Being a waiter is a tough job, considering you meet people with different personalities from all walks of life. Moreover, dealing with a hungry crowd in a fine dining restaurant is exhausting and can drain all your energy. However, you can still pull it off as the best waiter, attracting better tips from your patrons.

Does this sound like such a hard thing to do? If yes, then you’re in for a treat. This article gives you five helpful restaurant waiter tips you can use from day to day to become better in the restaurant industry. So, let’s jump right in!

1. Know Your Responsibilities and Execute Them Perfectly

If you don’t know what your job in the service industry entails, you can hardly thrive in your performance. Good waiters know that their responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the menu well enough to help diners make an informed choice
  • Being well-organized, presented, waiting tables and keeping track, and remembering orders.
  • Informing the kitchen and bar of customer orders.
  • Building apositive customer experience from the moment they walk into the restaurant.
  • Processing sales and billing customers appropriately and with trustworthiness
  • Knowing the restaurant’s safety, sanitation, and alcohol policies
  • Maintaining proper communication between customers and the staff behind the scenes, ensuring the facility runs efficiently.

When these roles are deeply ingrained within you, you won’t struggle to be good at your work. All the same, don’t forget to incorporate the following restaurant waiter tips.

2. Greet Your Customers Promptly 

A warm greeting spells the difference between staying and moving to another restaurant for a customer. For example, if your facility is busy and a customer walks in and is lucky enough to find a seat, letting them know you’ll be with them shortly will make them feel important and welcome. Without a greeting, they’ll feel neglected as they watch you run up and down to attend to other tables.

3. Strive to Connect With Your Customers

Your top priority should be to create exciting dining experiences for each customer you serve. Undoubtedly, your customers look up to you for good service and a memorable experience at your facility.

An excellent place to get started is being warm towards them and introducing yourself by name. Remarkably, 29% of servers who introduce themselves by name get a 23% increase in their tips.

Recognizing your regular customers also plays a role in enhancing customer loyalty. Calling them by name and having their favorite menu item in mind can create a long-lasting relationship.

Additionally, creating a positive customer experience calls for keeping your customers comfortable and entertained. In matters of entertainment, let your customers suggest the type of content they’d like to see on your digital signage displays.

While at it, ask them to share their positive experiences with you at the restaurant, which you can request to have displayed on the digital screens. These positive remarks about you being a good server will make other customers want to explore your services too, making you the envy of your co-workers.

4. Never Serve Customers Based On Assumptions

As a great waiter, you should never assume what a guest will order until you input it into the points of sale (POS) system. In reality, customers view you as the restaurant encyclopedia. Therefore, they’ll ask questions about the menu items, condiments, appetizers, specials, and interestingly, your favorite dishes.

Pay attention and take your time to understand your customers’ preferences. While applying the skills of a salesperson, use this opportunity to upsell, which will probably attract a bigger tip for you.

5. Efficiency Is The Name Of The Game

When you turn tables efficiently, your increase the chances of the restaurant making more money. Nevertheless, there’s a thin line between serving customers efficiently and rushing them. So, keep these restaurant waiter tips in mind. They’ll help you stay within the average table turn time to maintain a stable flow of customers and income:

  • Greet the customers within 90 seconds after arrival and take their drink order
  • Deliver the drinks in 4-5 minutes and take the meal order
  • Plate the table and add other utensils and napkins in at most 9 minutes
  • Deliver the food and check if there’s anything else the customers need
  • In 2-4 minutes after delivering the food, check on the guests to see if the meal is to their liking. You could also ask if they need a refill.

Great restaurant servers know they should never waste a movement, meaning that they account for every move in and out of the dining room. Overall, becoming a great waiter is about being adaptable, likable, and knowing the menu inside and out.

Final Thoughts

Do you wish to get more tips from your customers this year? These restaurant waiter tips can set you on the right track to becoming a better waiter in 2022.

The more knowledgeable, reliable, and likable you are in your services, the more tippers will part with to tip you. You wouldn’t mind attracting some additional earnings to your hourly wage and gratuity amid the pandemic, would you?