How To Become A YouTube Partner?

How To Become A YouTube Partner?

How To Become A YouTube Partner?

How To Become A YouTube Partner?: Are you a small YouTuber and you are wondering how to become a partner to YouTube in 2019. We are going to give you three easy steps you can use to become a YouTube partner. The whole new monetisation policy change, if you have not seen yet, here is not that bent over right now. First of all, there are stricter criteria for monetisation on YouTube which you must go through thoroughly. After careful consideration and extended conversations with advertisers and creators, we are making big changes to the process that determines which channels can run ads on YoUTube. Previously, channels had to reach total 10,000 views to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).How To Become A YouTube Partner?

How To Become A YouTube Partner?

It’s been clear over the last few months that we need the right requirements and better signals to identify the channels that have earned the right to run ads. Instead of basing acceptance purely on views, we want to take channel size, audience engagement, and creator behaviour into consideration to determine eligibility for ads. That’s why starting today, new channels will need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months to be eligible for ads. We will begin enforcing these new requirements for existing channels in YPP beginning February 20th, 2018.

After the ad apocalypse, the dust settles everyone back to what they would normally do. But, then a couple of months later for the people that don’t have seen all the tweets, YouTube has been putting out lately what they are doing is they are updating the partner program rules for YouTube Partner. So, monetize your videos to put ads on your videos anything like that. But if you want to catch up on that, make sure to read our another in-depth guide. We will give you three tips to become a YouTube partner. You know, with all the new criteria, recently that’s coming up and we would say – let’s move onto step number.

1. Verify your account. First of all, before we are going to get into the first step, we would like to give you a little disclaimer because there are two ways of a verified account. First one is to verify your channel with your phone. Meaning that you will type in your phone number. Google will send you a code or OTP and you will have to fill that in and then they know it’s you. And, then your channel is verified. And, that is the step you need to become eligible.

The second one which is not the type of te verify that you are looking for is you know the little checkmark behind your name. So, make sure that you don’t mistake this. You need to verify your account with your phone and just type in the code and then your account is verified. And, once we have done that, we can move on to step 2. Find out if you are eligible. The second step is finding out if you are eligible? We already told that you need at least a thousand subscribers and at least four thousand hours of watch time in the last 12 months. So, to figure out if we have that – we are going to go ahead and click on the Analytics button on your YouTube channel.

We are going to go ahead and we are going to select the past twelve months. We are just going to pick you to know – 2018, the last year, the last twelve months. Then, what we are going to do – so we need and we are going to click on this little button right here. And, then go ahead make sure that we have selected ours. So, if you click on hours of watch time, you will see on the right. You will see the number of hours you have. If that is more than four thousand subscribers, you were eligible for monetisation step. If you have less than four thousand hours and if you have less than thousands of subscribers, unfortunately, you are not eligible for the monetisation program.

But, if you have all those criteria, you have all of that what we just mentioned. What we are going to do is we are going to move on to step number 3. Step 3: Apply for Partnership. We are going to go to our YouTube channel and we are going to pick channel on the left and you know, it’s at the bottom that we are going to click on Enable button in the Monetisation section. It will bring you to a menu where you can set up your YouTube account. Now, if you are signed with an MCN, your network will just take over that whole monetisation thing.




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That’s just what they do if you are going to do it on your own without any stoppage. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Become A YouTube Partner?, still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is How To Become A YouTube Partner? please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box given below.

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