How to Fix Black Screen After Login Windows 10

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The black screen issue is hard to crack as it does not show the exact error code, unlike the blue screen error. But there are a few possibilities that can cause this error, such as a corrupted hard disk drive, loose connection with the display, and system crash. In such situations, your PC won’t boot or become completely unresponsive.

How to Fix Black Screen After Login Windows 10

Some users reported a black screen after login, while some users reported a black screen as soon as the PC boots up. When the system does not show any response even after troubleshooting, there are high chances of a system crash, which can even delete your data.

Fix Black Screen After Login Issue Windows 10

Keeping that in mind, we will be providing you with steps to recover data from a crashed system as well. With that being said, let’s jump into our list of solutions.

Solution 1: Check Connections

If you are facing this issue on your desktop, check the connections first. The HDMI cable that’s connecting the CPU to the monitor should be properly checked, and make sure the monitor is receiving enough power to work.

Secondly, disconnect the peripherals such as the mouse, keyboard and try to restart the computer once again, if it starts working without and does not shows up black screen then there are chances that your external devices are interfering with the system.

For laptop owners, follow the same steps, disconnect the external devices, and reboot the system. You can also remove the battery if it is removable and try to turn on the laptop directly through the charger. If it turns on and works perfectly, then there could be a fault in your battery.

You can check battery health status by:

  1. Launch PowerShell with admin privileges.
  2. Type powercfg /battery report and hit enter.
  3. The battery reports will be saved in the Users\Your Username folder.

You can thoroughly check the battery’s health, and replace it if it is depleted.

Solution 2: Check Hard Drive

A corrupted hard drive can also cause black screen issues as it fails to load the operating system, which also means that the system has been crashed. You can remove the drive and connect it to a secondary system to check whether the drive is working fine or not.

If it is detectable on a different system, then your operating system has crashed, you will have to reinstall Windows once again on your system.

Solution 3: Reinstall Windows

This should be the last option on this guide, but since black screen issues sometimes cannot be fixed, installing Windows once again is the only choice left. The root cause can be malware that has corrupted the registry files, boot files, and all files which are necessary for Windows to function properly.

In this case, you can create a bootable pen drive and reinstall the Windows 10 copy on your system.

Since you will be losing all your data, we will be sharing a method to recover all of it. Recoverit is the best tool that can help you to recover the lost data file after a system crash. Moreover, you can even recover data from a crashed system, but before that let’s discuss its features in brief.

Features of Recoverit:

Recover Any Data

You can recover almost any type of data file such as image, video, outlook archives, audio, pdfs, up to 1000 data types. It supports NTFS, FAT, HFS+, APFS, storage systems, which means it works with almost every data storage.

Recover From Any Device

Another excellent feature of Recoverit is that you can recover data from any device or storage media such as camera, USB flash drive, SSD, external hard disk, pen drive, floppy disk, action camera, drone camera, dashcam, camcorder, video player, music player, etc.

This makes it a handy tool since you do not have to look around for new software to recover data from different devices.

Recover in Any Condition

Another best feature of Recoverit is that you can recover data if it is lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, device corruption, virus attack, unknown error code, etc. That means you can recover data in any situation, all you need is Recoverit and the storage media from which you want to recover data.

Recover Data From a Crashed System

Recoverit can even recover data from a system that won’t boot up. It creates a bootable USB stick which when connected to the crashed system can turn on and recover all the data files.

You can then reinstall the OS on the crashed system and move the data back again.

How to Recover Data From a Crashed System

To recover data from a crashed system, you will need a licensed copy of Recoverit, which you can get from its official site. Next, follow the steps below and get started with the process.

1. Firstly, arrange a USB stick with at least 8GB storage space, all empty.

2. Download and install Recoverit on a secondary computer, launch the software and follow the next step.

3. Make sure you have connected your USB stick to the secondary computer. Now select the system crashed computer option on the left sidebar, and hit the start button.

4. In the next, you will be asked to select the drive that you want to create bootable, select the pen drive which you just connected to your system.

5. Now click on start again, you will be asked to format the drive, click on format, and the process of creating a bootable drive will start. Let the process finish and do not unplug the USB stick.

6. Once it is done, connect the USB stick to the crashed system and open the BIOS settings. Select the connected USB drive as a primary booting drive.

7. Your crashed system will now become bootable, and you can now connect an external drive or another USB drive and copy all the necessary data to it.

That’s how you can recover data from a crashed computer.

Final Words

The black screen error is the worst thing that can happen to a Windows user. In this article, we have shared three solutions to fix black screen issues after login, and also shared methods to recover data from a crashed system.


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