How to Hire Ruby Developer in 2022: What You Need to Find a Perfect Fit

How to Hire Ruby Developer in 2022: What You Need to Find a Perfect Fit

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Finding a Ruby developer is a challenge even with thousands of developers in the market. There are skilled developers in the market, but finding candidates who are a great cultural fit and have sound technical knowledge is uncommon.

But if you know where to search, you’re halfway through finding the right one. We will discuss the best hiring model to choose, the platforms to hire developers, and how to conduct the hiring process in detail. Read on to know more about it.

Skills to Look for When Hiring a Ruby Developer for Your Company

Sure, developers need to be proficient in their niche. They should know their fundamentals well, but what if they cannot articulate their thoughts well, or you may even come across candidates with excellent interpersonal skills but lack technical skills.

 So, how to deal with these when looking for Ruby developers? Where to find quality developers in the market? How to find out if they are the right cultural fit for your organization? We have all the answers for you.

 Here are specific skills that a candidate needs to possess to be a perfect cultural fit for your organization.

 Technical Skills 

Some of the basic technical skills the candidate should possess are:

  •     Object-Oriented Programming 
  •     Ruby on Rails Framework and libraries
  •     Basic front-end development such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other frameworks
  •     Database management 
  •     Knowledge of SQL, automated testing, and integration


When interviewing the candidate, you need to see if the candidate has the following:

  •     Good interpersonal skills 
  •     Should be a team player and a self-starter
  •     Should have a learning attitude 
  •     Should be adaptable and have good time management skills

 Since being a developer means upgrading skills constantly, you need to check if the candidate is enthusiastic about the role and has the drive to learn. Ensure the candidates check most of the boxes, if not all, before getting them on board.

 Do a thorough background check and see if they understand the project goals and are a good cultural fit. Hiring someone with a good work ethic can go a long way, even if their technical skills are not in line with current market trends.

 What are the Best Platforms to Hire Ruby Developers?

If you’re looking for a developer for the short term, you can look for freelance developers on freelance platforms or outsource the work to hiring agencies. However, if you’re looking for full-time developers, you can reach out to hiring agencies that can find the right match for you. 

 Depending on your hiring model, you can find Ruby developers on many platforms, such as:

 1. Freelancing Platforms 

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer house thousands of freelancers who place bids on your job posting. They work on a project basis, so if that’s something you’re looking for, these platforms are the best.

It can be challenging to find a skilled developer, but there are a few top-rated freelance developers with good feedback you can look at.

 2. Recruitment Agencies

If you’re running out of time and need a developer urgently, reaching out to recruitment agencies can be the best option. These agencies understand your requirements and connect to developers who fit your needs.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of screening candidates as the agencies will take care of that. Once they are screened, you can directly interview them and see if they are a good fit. Some popular websites are Toptal, Reintech, Guru, and others.

 3. Platforms like LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great platform to hire Ruby developers. You can review their LinkedIn profile to screen them and head on to the next step of the hiring process. You can also look for developers on Indeed, AngelList, and others and hire top tech talent.

Hiring through these platforms may take time as you have to conduct the hiring process from the ground up.

 Why It’s Important to Ask the Right Questions?

When hiring Ruby developers, you need to assess their knowledge and personalities before getting them to sign the offer letters. Most of the candidates will have done their homework in understanding your company and your values.

Convey the same during the interview and ensure you both are in sync with each other. See whether they understand your brand and your projects well. Ask about their past experiences and know-how they tackled complex tasks or approached their projects.

Evaluate their educational background, employment history, and projects undertaken during college or in their previous job. Be clear about your requirements and expectations about the role during the interview to know what they’re getting into.

Sometimes, candidates can turn down the offer at the last minute, which can be an added burden to you. So, carefully evaluate the candidates before handing them the offer letter.

Some of the interview questions that you can ask are:

  • What are the common mistakes made during project development?
  • What does garbage collection mean in Ruby on Rails?
  • How to run an application without creating databases?
  • List the limitations of Ruby on Rails.
  • Explain the difference between procs and blocks and gem and plugin.
  • Explain the use of super function and what are models in rails?

 Final Thoughts

Developer candidates need to possess both hard and soft skills to create a good environment in an organization to create high-performance applications with ease. As a developer, they should have a solid grasp of their fundamentals above all.

Flexing coding skills on code hosting platforms is great, but so is being accountable and being a good team player. Developers should be well-versed and versatile, so it’s easy to collaborate with other teams.

Hiring the right one depends on how well you will assess them in interviews. We hope you will be able to find the perfect match for your organization with this overview. Our team of professionals can help you find developers based on your needs. If you want to know more about it, click here.


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