How to identify a reliable brand that values its reputation

How to identify a reliable brand that values its reputation

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Modern bookmakers provide a huge number of betting opportunities. Here you can bet on sports, play poker for real money, and play slots in online casinos.

Are there honest bookmakers?

Surely every newcomer who decides to use the services of an online casino for the first time is afraid of falling into the hands of scammers and losing all their money. And this is not surprising, because there are “unfair” organizations in the bookmaking market. How can you avoid getting into trouble, but find a truly decent and honest bookmaker?

All the best are always included in the TOP 10. And online casinos are no exception. To figure out which one you can trust, you need to study the ratings of bookmakers operating in your region. Make sure that it is compiled by independent and objective experts.

How is the rating determined?

Not so long ago, those wishing to bet in a casino or on sporting events did not have much choice. Those wishing to play had to place a bet at their own risk. But, in the last 10 years, the online gaming market has expanded significantly, but has been on the market for more than 15 years.

Let’s look at what criteria experts use to evaluate bookmakers:

Upon availability of the appropriate permit to conduct activities, all online casinos that come to the market to operate for a long time and responsibly issue a special permit – a license. This guarantees players the legitimacy and solvency of the company.

Is the site’s functionality convenient? – During the research, experts analyze the number of complaints received about the quality of the resource’s work. To do this, a large number of user reviews are analyzed.

According to the content of the resource with various games and offers. – The more offers, entertainment, and directions you find on the site, the more conscientious the casino will be. The more famous logos you find in slots, the more authoritative the site you are visiting.

Immediate withdrawal of funds. – The most important aspect for players is the ability to immediately withdraw their winnings. And the more accessible this action is, the more confidence the bookmaker inspires among players.

The amount of bonuses offered. – A generous bonus indicates excellent financial opportunities, and this, in turn, characterizes the amount of capital of the authorized capital.

Technical support reactions to requests. An important factor in the overall picture of opinion about a particular bookmaker is the response to complaints to technical support and the percentage of problems resolved. Sites with a lot of questions tend to slide down several positions.

Availability of demo versions of games. – It is very important for all beginners, without exception, to have the opportunity to try this or that game in practice. However, the first inept experience is unlikely to be successful, and therefore an important aspect is the opportunity to try the game without the risk of knowingly losing money.

All of the above parameters are marked with points, the points are added, and the overall result is displayed, which determines the company’s place in the overall standings.

Where to look for tips?

Since it is difficult for a player to determine the reliability of a particular bookmaker, those who are well-versed in such resources do this for him.

Such experts are often those who have once been burned by practical actions, have made repeated losing bets, or have won, and want to share their valuable observations with the audience. These specialists often conduct streams, post videos, and host podcasts.

It should be noted that bookmakers who value their authority do everything possible to be in the first positions of independent rating studies. Those who come to the market to work take into account the opinions of their clients, allowing them to receive tangible winnings and stay in the system for a long time.

In addition, players who are pretty lucky in their bets are the best advertising, which cannot be replaced by the brightest commercials and promises of huge money. Such clients spread information about their winnings in a matter of hours, and one lucky person does it better and faster than an entire marketing and advertising department.

TOP 5 – what are they?

In addition to casinos, the same analysis applies to poker and sports betting. Let’s look at which sites can reach the first five positions in the ranking. Let’s rate them on a five-point scale:

  1. To receive a five-point rating, the resource must be honest in all respects with clients. Only a few can boast of such a policy, but the trust of participants in them is worth it. These companies are very jealous of their own authority and know how to quickly respond to changes in their position in the rating table.
  2. A four-point rating is usually given to all sites that form the bulk of users. These are steam locomotives that, having attached a huge train to themselves, slowly but confidently move forward.
  3. The so-called average students usually get a C. They provide a certain set of services, but in some survey parameters they do not reach the required level. Whether or not to trust such sites is a personal matter. And, you should understand that no one can say with certainty what awaits you during the game.
  4. Two – assessment of a resource with an unsatisfactory reputation. The resource seems to be working, but there are a lot of complaints about it. It is recommended to “step over” such sites.
  5. Sites rated “1” should not be approached within a shot of a cannon. This category includes resources that have proven themselves to be unambiguously bad.

Naturally, you can always “get your own chops” in the field of betting on gaming resources, but it is still better to listen to the opinion of experienced colleagues.