How to Optimize your Blog and Videos for Fast Google AdSense Approval

Get Google Adsense Approval Fast
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Starting a new blog is always exciting, especially when you realize you can earn from it. Even if a person opts for blogging as a hobby, the first question that commonly comes to their mind is how to monetize their blog. Once they get the answer to it, which is Google Adsense, comes the second one. Which is how to get quick Adsense approval?

In this article, we’ll be diving into the hows and whys of Google AdSense to help monetize your blog quickly and without illegal shortcuts.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast With a New Blog 

Content creation, more specifically blogging, isn’t a new phenomenon. Yet viewers have seen a surge in the number of websites and blogs in recent years. 

Every day passionate writers decide to take up blogging either as a hobby or as a source of income. For people who are new to the idea and just starting their blog the most accessible and convenient way to earn through it is AdSense.

But getting AdSense approval isn’t a piece of cake. It takes effort and determination, although there’s nothing to get intimidated by. If your blog is well written, informative, and original you’ve got the answer to the question of how to get quick Adsense approval.

How Much Traffic is Required for AdSense Approval?

If you’re looking for AdSense approval you don’t really need to lose sleep over this particular factor. Other than being trustworthy and legitimate, there are other things that make Google AdSense the first choice.

Where other ad networks have a minimum threshold for blog visits and traffic, AdSense is much more lenient in this domain. Even though Google states that AdSense isn’t a priority when it comes to gaining approval, a safe move is to build your traffic just in case.

The lack of a minimum traffic threshold removes the pressure of gaining a certain amount of viewer traffic, but it doesn’t completely diminish it. If you want to generate a moderate amount of cash from your blog you will eventually have to get traffic. 

The proper way to get organic viewers without shortcuts is to focus on SEO. If you want a specific class of viewership on your blog, then a good option would be Pinterest.

Things You Must Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

The application process is fairly simple and just requires a few steps to get you started on your AdSense approval journey. Here are the google AdSense requirements:

Write High-Quality Content 

Your content is the star of the show when it comes to blogging. It is the main reason people will visit your blog. It’s also what google will be looking at when deciding whether to approve your blog or not.

The most important thing when writing content, not just for a blog but even in general is being mindful of plagiarism. Plagiarism is rarely tolerated in the writing world, and not at all by Google AdSense. 

If you’re not posting original content, be ready for rejection from Adsense. Your blogs should be properly optimized and the word count should be at least 500 words

Lastly, make sure your content is according to the guidelines of AdSense and not prohibited by them.

Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly 

The second important thing to do when the question of how to get quick Adsense approval arises would be to make your blog SEO friendly. 

SEOs are not only useful to get your blog approved but they also put your blog in the higher rankings of Google.

Work on your Meta description and your Title tag to optimize your account according to SEO guidelines

Most of the time google utilizes its crawler bots to review your website instead of going through the website itself.

Write Sufficient Blog Posts

The term quantity over quantity sits perfectly when it comes to attaining AdSense approval. The blogs you write should be well written, contain legitimate information, and be original.

A website with seven to eight descriptive, interesting and informative blogs has a higher chance of getting approval than one with 20 substandard ones.

All in all, you should have a minimum of 7 articles at least, before you apply for Google AdSense.

Create Must-Have Pages 

All websites looking for AdSense approval must fulfill some basic and technical requirements. These requirements include some must-have pages. First and foremost is the Privacy Policy page.

Google requires this to make sure you have a proper privacy policy intact. This is important to ensure the protection of the private information of your viewers. 

Some other examples of must-have pages on your website include the contact page and the about page. These are also important to introduce the essence of your domain and to identify the specifics of your page.

An about page will describe your page and provide basic information about the type of content you share. The contact page will have your email and phone number and other information necessary to contact you.

The privacy policy page can be created with samples from the internet or you can copy another blog’s privacy policy page by modifying it according to your own specifications. This is completely okay to do. 

Make Sure You’re 18+ 

If you’re not 18 yet you’re not eligible to apply for Google AdSense. According to Google’s guidelines, it is clearly mentioned that applications of only 18 plus users will be considered for approval. 

So, if you’re not 18 yet, and wondering how to get quick Adsense approval, you can do it one way.

You can ask an adult, preferably a guardian or your parents to put in their information to sign you up for Google AdSense. 

Ensure You Don’t Use Copyrighted Images 

Just like plagiarism, using copyrighted content is also frowned upon by Google AdSense. Make sure to use original and unique content. If you do want to insert certain images, just be sure to take permission from the owner.

Using copyrighted content will automatically diminish your chances of getting AdSense approval.

Design a User-Friendly and Professional Looking Blog 

The secret to building a consistent and loyal audience for your blog lies not only in high-quality content but also in a user-friendly interface. If your page is hard to navigate and confusing in general there is a good chance a user will not revisit it. 

In comparison, an easy-to-navigate page will be the go-to page for users and will experience a steady increase in traffic over time.

Your page should be able to cater to the navigational needs of your viewers and provide them with all the relevant information. Avoid overcrowding and unnecessary information.

Use professional aid to design your page to increase your chances of getting approval by AdSense.

Applying for Google Adsense 

Google Adsense Approval

Once you are done with fulfilling the initial requirements for your Google Adsense application, you’ll come to the second step.

This is the most significant step in attaining your Adsense approval, this is the step where you’ll submit your AdSense approval. The literal answer to the question “  how to get quick Adsense approval?”  would be by applying for it of course!

The application process is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is go to the sign-up page on the Google Sense website. Once you go to the page all you need to do is fill in the required information. This information is pretty basic. It includes contact information, some website details, and some other website-related data. 

Make sure the information you provide is authentic, such as your payee name and address, etc. Since this is what Google will use later on for contact and payments.

Google Adsense Approval Process

Now that you’ve understood the basics of how to get quick Adsense approval, you must be wondering how Adsense approval works. Here is a breakdown of the Adsense approval process to make it easier for you to understand.

AdSense codes play an important role in the process. These codes are added by the blogger.

The ads will show up on your blog in a few weeks. Till your blog doesn’t get approved these ads will show up as empty spaces.

When your website gets approved you’ll get an email notification. The notification will have the following statement: 

‘The site “” is now ready to show Adsense ads.’

This will be a gateway for you to start putting up more ads on your blog. This will start your monetization and generate revenue.

The next milestone will be when you attain a $10 revenue. At this point, you will receive a PIN from AdSense to verify your address. After you have received your PIN, use it to log in to your AdSense account.

This is the moment you have been waiting for, your Google AdSense approval will be completed at this point.

Once your Google AdSense Approval Process has been completed you must earn $100. When you earn this amount you will get your payment through wire transfer or direct transfer to your account by Google.

How to Place Google AdSense Verification Codes for Faster Approval 

Google Adsense Fast Approval

New bloggers may follow all the steps given above currently and still not get their blogs approved by AdSense. This might leave you confused and still in search of how to get quick Adsense approval. 

But there are certain technicalities that aren’t often clearly discussed or explained commonly. Here is a logical explanation and solution if you are facing a similar problem in your blogging journey.

The technicality lies in the verification codes for the advertisement. These codes are significant for a reason. You need to understand where to insert these codes and how to insert them properly as well. 

You might have added the code in your header. But it doesn’t end here as you thought. The proper technique suggests that other than the theme header the codes must also be added in the sidebar. Additionally, you’ll also need to add this code manually in the Html part of the website. 

This is the section that will appear in the Google search engine hence marking the significance of the addition.

Once you have added all your codes try submitting your application to AdSense again. Your application will get approved this time around unless the issue is related to your content or goes against the guidelines and policies of AdSense.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval Faster 

If you still want to speed up the process and are wondering  how to get quick Adsense approval or are looking for a faster way to get approved by AdSense you should look at the following points:

Review your Blog Contents 

It’s important to consider the type of content you are uploading on the internet. If your content lacks quality and is based on useless information there is a good chance that your blog will get rejected. 

Google AdSense is vigilant when it comes to selecting the type of content that is approved. A major factor that comes into play is the quality of information your blog produces. When you are writing content, consider how helpful and informative it is. Does it add value to the cyber world? Is it informative? Is it helpful? Is it according to the community guidelines? 

If your content comes up to mark with all these parameters then your content can get approved.

Otherwise, you should consider reviewing and revising your articles.

Make Sure you Add an Easy-to-Use Navigation Bar 

Your blog should be properly assembled and should be in symmetry. The important links should be present in an easy-to-access location on your navigation bar. This is the part of your page that should have the basic and most accessed information of your page.

Your Navigation Bar should have significant links light your Contact and About Us information. 

Make sure that the relevant sub-links of the main link are properly placed so as to not create a haphazard and confusing page.

You could also include a primary as well as a secondary blog if it’s required.

Consider your Blog’s Traffic Sources 

Google is a big supporter of organic traffic. So keep this in mind before applying for AdSense.

Your audience should be built on genuine viewers who are interested in your content and not just promotion traffic to social media etc.

Make sure your Blog has a Custom Domain 

A custom domain will further legitimize your seriousness for your blog and will aid in convincing Google AdSense to approve your blog. You will have to buy your custom domain and then link it to your blog.

You will have to wait for a while till the contents of your blog get re-indexed by search engines on the internet. Once this is done you can apply for your AdSense approval.

Google YouTube AdSense Approval Tips 

Here are a few tips if you’re wondering how to get quick Adsense approval for your YouTube channel:

YouTube Partner Program Minimum Eligibility Requirements 

Your YouTube AdSense approval will also have some minimum requirements. Now, 71% of people picked YouTube as their favorite platform for consuming videos, but the content doesn’t get checked as thoroughly as blogs. Mostly Metadata, thumbnails, etc are checked.
Make sure the content follows the policies of AdSense and your high-rated videos especially are compliant with AdSense guidelines to assure approval.

The Best and Easiest AdSense Alternative for New Blogs: Adsterra 

A good alternative to AdSense is Adsterra. The plus point of Adsterra is that its revenue generation doesn’t depend on ad clicks. All it requires is for you to add the verification codes in your blog and boom you’re making money.


If you’re only making a blog to earn money it may not turn out too well for you. Blogging has a lot more to do about passion than money. It is a good source of earning but consistency and determination can only be attained if you have an interest in blogging and have the expertise to write.

If you follow the above guidelines your blog will get approved by AdSense. Make sure to not take any shortcuts and use organic and legitimate ways to grow your page.