Learning How to Promote Your YouTube Channel Free of Cost

how to promote your youtube channel
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What if we told you the YouTube video you just published has to compete against 500 hours of video content per minute. Considering the stats making it big on the platform might seem impossible. However, there’s a good chance you’re googling “how to promote your YouTube channel?” right now.

However, you shouldn’t lose the hope of becoming a YouTube sensation just yet. Because in this post, we’ll tell you how to grow your YouTube channel organically. 

Setting up a YouTube channel isn’t difficult. Where content creators face problems is the promotion of their YouTube content. However, it isn’t just about making a YouTube video.

There’s a lot more to the phenomenon, like target audience, the quality of your video content and YouTube analytics, etc. Read on to learn how to promote your YouTube channel and use other helpful tools such as YouTube marketing.

how to get more views on youtube

Provide Quality Content to the Audience

As mentioned above, YouTube is a platform filled with videos of all kinds. So what is it that will compel the public to look at your content? Of course, the first thing that matters is the quality of your videos.

This is also the answer to the question, “ how to promote your YouTube channel without money?” Because the first step towards building a YouTube channel organically is providing the public with chewable content.

With money, you could pay to promote YouTube videos whereas, engaging videos do that job for free. So, what exactly is top-quality content? 

The basic criteria include 

  • The topic
  • The target audience
  • The approach towards the topic
  • The script
  • The video quality 

One last thing that compels people to visit your videos is your thumbnail. A catchy picture with the right caption can substantially increase the views on your channel. Unfortunately, people often use clickbait, which isn’t appreciated by the public unless the actual material is up to par.

However, if you wish to see if your thumbnail will perform well similar to most viewed videos on Youtube, downloading software like Tubebuddy will definitely help. You can also review your keywords alongside those being used in performing ones. These techniques will surely bring good traffic to your videos, generating more views and earnings in the long run. You can install Tubebuddy for free here.

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Appropriate Utilization of Hashtags

Next, let’s see how to promote your YouTube channel using hashtags. YouTube’s hashtag policy lets you use a maximum of 15 hashtags in the description of each video.

So why are these important in promoting your content? 

 Search engines use hashtags to provide you with the content you want to see. YouTube also uses them to recommend videos to its users. As for content creators, it helps them categorize their videos and promote other related content under hashtags.

If you want to know how to self-promote your YouTube channel, this is a good start. Moreover, before adding a specific hashtag to your video, make sure to conduct a quick search. The hashtag should bring up the type of content you’re trying to upload.

If that’s not the case and brings up shady or sub-standard quality videos, you should avoid the hashtag. The appropriate quantity of hashtags is anywhere from 3 to 5 hashtags.

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Conduct Social Media Promotions

Now let’s check how to promote your YouTube channel through other social media platforms. This is also a form of self-promotion. Social media platforms are free to use and are heavily populated.

For example, Facebook alone has 2.8 billion users who engage with the platform regularly. Another more contemporary platform is Instagram, with 1 billion active users every month.

The good thing about Instagram is that it caters to a wider variety of generations despite the comparatively fewer users. Hence, you can reach a more vast audience through it.

Where sharing content on Facebook only requires clicking the Share button, Instagram promotion is done by these steps:

  1. Shift to a Business Account. This is done by simply going to your settings and requesting to add a professional account. The difference between the two accounts is the interface and type of data you can access.
  2. The next step of promoting your YouTube channel involves keeping track of the activity on your account. This means checking the analytical data to track your reach and profile traffic.
  3. Lastly, use video tools by Instagram such as Instagram reels. This will help the public to recognize the quality of your work and look you up on YouTube.

Conduct YouTube Channel Promotions on Forums

In this part, we’ll tell you how to promote your YouTube channel through various forums. Here, you will also learn about the different forums and sites to promote YouTube videos on. In addition, you can target a specific type of audience by opting for forums in your promotion strategy.

However, the usual practice of forums is to ban promotions. In this case, you shouldn’t stop promoting. Just try to add your website links somewhere during the conversation.

This way, it won’t look like a promotion, and you’ll still get your job done.

how to get more subscribers on youtube

Build Your Social Media Family

Watching someone’s content frequently makes you feel like you’ve known that person forever. But, of course, being on the other side of the screen, you could use this in your favor. So, how to promote your YouTube channel via an online community?

Well, the answer is simple, your loyal followers will spread the word around and promote your channel. To build your online family, you must give them due attention.

Regularly check your comment section, and reply to comments. You can even take names in your next videos, so the interaction of users with your profile increases.

More engagement will allow YouTube’s algorithm to recommend your videos to their contacts, which will positively impact your whole profile.

Promote Your Channel Through Your YouTube Family

If you were wondering, “how to promote your YouTube channel without money?” Here is your answer. The social media family that we previously discussed is a good way to promote your content without spending a single penny.

You can ask your viewers to share your videos or tag friends in the comments. This increases the engagement on your channel while spreading the word simultaneously.

Provide Incentives & Giveaways

We previously discussed how to promote your YouTube channel for free. Now, let’s discuss how to do it by spending a little. One way is to conduct giveaways and competitions amongst your followers.

These should be authentic activities that provide your followers with something of their interest. Giveaways also help build a relationship of trust between followers and content creators.

When conducting the giveaway, make sure to select an item that your followers and people with interest in your content would want. If you have a channel and keep wondering “how to get more YouTube subscribers?” Giveaways also help with that.

However, make sure you use organic ways to get YouTube views and followers.

Collaborate with Other Artists 

If you’ve tried all other ways and are still questioning how to promote your YouTube channel, here is another technique. Collaborating with other YouTubers of your category to cross-promote your channels will substantially increase your reach.

Since collaborations benefit both parties involved equally, most artists are open to the idea of taking part in them. So the first thing you need to do is find a similar artist with a slightly varying fan-following and submit a video idea.

If they like it, you can both get to work and create content to help grow your accounts organically.

how to get more youtube subscribers

Proper Utilization of YouTube SEO

With YouTube SEO, you’ll understand how to promote your YouTube channel using YouTube promotion services

SEO is a useful tool on platforms that are frequently used as search engines. And, contrary to what you might think, YouTube isn’t simply a video-sharing platform. Billions of searches are conducted on this platform daily. 


Hence it is the perfect platform to use SEO for the free promotion of your content. So let’s see how to get famous on YouTube using SEO.

The proper use of  SEO guides you in choosing keywords, tags, and video descriptions, etc.

Video Descriptions

Video descriptions are one of the main components of a video. Furthermore, they play a major role in deciding which position it will show up in the YouTube search. An ideal description includes the primary keyword along with supporting keywords as well.

Moreover, adding links to related videos or other content helps level up your description.


Tags, as discussed earlier, are markers of your content’s niche. Therefore, they allow YouTube to decide which audience will enjoy your videos and recommend them accordingly. For this reason, you must only use relevant tags.

Using viral yet unrelated tags might get you fast fame for a short while, but eventually, YouTube will catch up and lower your rankings. So make sure to use the YouTube algorithm correctly and get YouTube views organically.

Video Titles

The video title is the show’s main star because it catches the viewers’ attention enough to click on it. Moreover, the title should only be 66 characters long and should ideally include the main keyword. 

Lastly, make your title interesting and compelling enough to get instant clicks by users.


Keywords are the hidden influencers behind the success or demise of a video. First, make sure you select the right keyword which is compatible with the topic you’ve chosen. The autosuggest guide helps you choose appropriate ones.

Furthermore, some YouTube SEO tools are also a good option when choosing the best keywords for your video.

Make Playlists to Increase Public Engagement

Playlists are a good way to keep the audience immersed with your content. Moreover, your videos don’t necessarily need to be related for you to make playlists. The strategic placement of the videos is all that’s required.

You can add videos as end screens so viewers can access them directly.

FAQs Regarding YouTube Promotion

How to promote your YouTube channel for free?

The first step towards getting YouTube fame is making a YouTube channel. Once your account is set up, you can use these tricks to grow your channel organically over time.

  1. Make Playlists to Increase Public Engagement
  2. Proper Utilization of YouTube SEO 
  3. Collaborate with Other Artists
  4.  Provide Incentives; Giveaways
  5. Promote Your Channel Through Your YouTube Family 
  6. Build Your Social Media Family 
  7. Conduct YouTube Channel Promotions on Forums 
  8. Conduct Social Media Promotions 
  9. Appropriate Utilization of Hashtags 
  10. Provide Quality Content to the Audience

How to promote my YouTube Channel if I don’t use social media?

Although social media is a convenient way to promote your channel free of cost, it’s not the only way. Some other techniques include

  • Email promotions
  • Podcast
  • Pop-ups 
  • Guest appearances 
  • Internet forums

How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in one day?

Quality content is only one part of growing your channel. However, as a beginner, you will have to use supporting strategies to reach your initial 1000 subscribers. These include conducting giveaways, pinning comments asking people to subscribe, using word of mouth, proper SEO usage, etc.

You could also use the call to action option in your content or enable URL subscriptions to make the process easier.

How much do I need to invest in promoting my YouTube channel?

There is no specific limit to how much you can invest in promotions for your channels. The payment is according to your budget. It could be modest or extravagant depending on your requirements and budget.