How Will Mobile Gaming Change With The Introduction Of 5G?

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There is no doubt that 5G Is set to be one of the biggest changes in the digital world for years to come.

A Perspective on How Mobile Gaming Changes With The Introduction Of 5G

It’s going to affect all corners of both the Internet and the wider world in a majorly positive way, especially the sector of mobile gaming – here are six ways mobile gaming is going to change as a result.

Faster Speeds

The main reason why mobile gaming is going to change for the better thanks to 5G is due to the fact that it’s going to end up a lot faster. By comparison to the 4G of old, the speeds of 5G are set to be up to 100x faster, yielding speeds of up to 10-Gigabits. As a result of this, mobile games can run faster, load in quicker thanks to faster download speeds, and will overall be a lot smoother.

Much Lower Latency

Alongside its raw speed, the advent of 5G will also see gamers experience much lower latencies, as low as five milliseconds according to some. This will only improve the gaming experience and make it even smoother as a result of the fact there is much less delay between inputs and actual on-screen outcomes. With a more reliable connection, it’s expected that this will hold true, even with rather high levels of concurrent players.

mobile gaming

Proper AR/VR Support

A major issue with those games embedded in both augmented and virtual reality has traditionally been the speed and overall efficiency of their data usage since they need to render data as soon as the player makes a decision. A 5G connection, thanks to both improved speed and lower latency, could solve this issue with alternate realities as well as sort the age-old problem of lag. This could lead to increased uptake of VR and AR multiplayer games and finally push them firmly into the mainstream.

Wider Variety Of Games Available

A combination of 5G and HTML5 in this instance will allow for more genres and types of games to enter the sphere of mobile gaming. As well as the more traditional app-based offerings, browser games have seen a resurgence thanks to 5G. This extends into websites not strictly bound to the mobile gaming label, such as online casinos. Thanks to innovations such as the <canvas> element, those sites have been able to become much more engaging. As can be found here, many online casinos like LeoVegas have optimised their mobile offerings for super-fast gaming.

Increased Power In Smartphones

The ways in which mobile gaming will change are not strictly limited to just networking, but a marriage of software and hardware. The combination of 5G and faster processors in modern-day smartphones should mean that games will not only look better, but also run faster too. The overall experience will become much slicker than in the past with 4G and slower clock speeds providing a limit on what games could do with a phone and its network’s raw power.

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Smartphone Screen Sizes

In addition to point number five, the rise of foldable phones and bigger screens also lends itself to explaining a major way mobile gaming will change in the future, in part thanks to 5G. More screen real estate means that developers can fit more information and better-looking worlds onto phone screens, which link to 5G given the way that the information will be provided over a network that will be run by a 5G connection. A smoother connection means that the information provided relating, for instance, to another player’s location or latency will be much quicker to display as well as making the overall connection a lot more stable.

There is a multitude of ways, as explained above, the mobile gaming experience will improve with 5G. Whilst each of the points may be different, they all boil down to the guiding idea that the new connection with its 100x faster speeds will make games run a lot smoother with lower rates of latency. As a result, the next few years of innovation are sure to see some of the best mobile games yet, especially thanks to the constant innovation.


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