How To Identify Original And Fake ‘Ray Ban’ Sunglasses

How To Identify Original And Fake ‘Ray Ban’ Sunglasses

If a product releases into the market and it gets a good response, there comes the fake products which portray same as the original but at a lower cost. People attract to the fake products due to low cost as the look is same as the original product. This affects the Original Company a lot and decreases the company economy. There are many fake products in the market and one such product is the American Ray-Ban Sun Glasses.

All genuine Ray-Ban products are crafted from high-quality materials using the finest manufacturing processes. Notably, the plastic body of Ray-Ban sunglasses are cut from a single piece of acetate and are hand-polished. Because of this, you shouldn’t be able to detect any nicks, rough spots, or especially seams on your glasses.

Fake Ray-Ban Sun Glasses have raised their production and have made great strides. But such fake products can never be matched with the Original Ray-Ban Sun Glasses. People who want to buy Ray-Ban Sun Glasses, here are few aspects to know if the Ray-ban aviators you are buying are real.


Ray-Ban Aviator Sun Glasses were first manufactured by Bausch & Lomb since the beginning. In 1999, an Italian company called Luxottica bought Bausch & Lomb and took over the production and retail of Ray-Ban aviators. From then, the glasses carry the branding of Luxottica, not Bausch & Lomb. Many copycats aren’t aware of this and get caught.

Identify Original And Fake ‘Ray-Ban’ Sunglasses

Here are the few differences to identify the real and fake Ray-Ban sunglasses. These differences will help you to select the original one.

1. Ray Ban Etch Left Temple:

Ray-Ban Company is one of the very few in the world to offer glass lenses. Other brands like Zara and Aldo still prefer tinted fiber. Tinted fiber comes at a very low cost and it is usually cheaper. Check whether the lens is made of a glass or fiber by tapping on the lens. If it sounds like the plastic or fiber, then it is clear that the product is a fake.




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2. Lense Sticker, Nose Pad, And Ray Ban Logo:

Arms are the parts that connect the lens to your ears. The etching is not just on the bridges, but also on the arms. They carry information like model number, model’s description, sub model number, lenses width and bridge’s length, and lens type code. A typical engraving would say something like: ‘RB 3025 AVIATOR LARGE METAL W3234 55-14 3N’ and this engraving is always on the left arm.

3. Etched Nose Bridge:

The Bridge of the sunglasses is the metallic piece that “bridges” the two lenses. The real aviators come with etched detailing on the inner side. Original Ray-Ban glasses come with etching of the brand name and the size of the lens for example, ‘RAY-BAN 54014’. If this etching wasn’t there, then it is a fake product.

4. Carry Case: 

Image result for real ray ban case
Ray-Ban glasses comes in a black or tan case with the Ray-Ban logo printed on the front. The inside of the case is lined in red or black.

5. Box Label: 

Related image
The retail box label details manufacturer information, barcode, model name, frame and lens description. Check that these details match the details of, and detailed on, the sunglasses themselves, and on any accompanying paperwork.

6. Insignias:

There are three places where a simple insignia and a logo if placed. This can be easily copied. So you have to pay more attention here. On the top right of the right lens, the insignia says ‘Ray-Ban’. It is often copied, but not exactly. Try to erase the writing, if it scrapes, then it is a fake product. The letters ‘RB’ are engraved under the transparent resin on the oval-shaped nose pad. This can also be easily copied. The original product has the logo that covers the metallic part.

All the glasses made since then carry the branding of Luxottica and not Bausch & Lomb. Not many copycats are aware of these details and often get caught on this front. So, next time be careful and buy the Original Ray Ban Glasses.

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These are the 6 differences to find out the original and fake Ray-Ban sunglasses. If you find any other differences let us know in the below comments. We will update our article with your comments as soon as possible.

If you want us to do any changes kindly let us know with your comments below.

If you want to know any other differences, ask us in the comments. We will gather all the information and present you in the upcoming articles.

Which brand sunglasses you use more?



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